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Posted by noreen on August 24, 2000 at 12:51:01:

In Reply to: painful crown posted by Noreen on August 21, 2000 at 10:31:47:

: I had a root canal on my molar (tooth #30) and then I had a crown put in. The crown was made
: improperly (I was getting huge chunks of food stuck in it) and it eventually fell out. So I went back to my dentist.
: My dentist put in a temporary crown which fell out an hour later but I kept putting it back in. Eventually, I put it in
: so that it stayed with no pain at all. In August, I went in to get my permanent crown. My teeth started hurting the
: second my dentist put it in. It felt like my teeth were being pushed together on either side esp. my front teeth.
: Two days later, the pain was horrible. At night, it was the worst. It felt like nails being jammed into the area of
: crown and pain all along the adjacent teeth as well as my front teeth. I have been living on ibuprofen since. I
: went back to the dentist and he grinded the teeth down to the point that the crown is smooth like the temporary
: and the metal inlay is showing through the porcelain. Basically, he doesn't know what to do. I have the immense
: pain only at night especially when I lay down. I feel much better during the day particulary when I went to the dentist
: I have no pain. I feel like I'm going crazy...please help, I originally didn't have this much pain in my tooth only some
: sensitivity. WHAT SHOULD I DO???????????????

Well, after reading the messages on the board, I decided to try to be conscious of my teeth
to note if I was grinding my teeth or clenching them. I noticed I did periodically grind and clench
and made an real effort not to. To my surprise, the pain in my teeth has decreased immensely
and I am able to sleep at night. It is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel great.

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