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Posted by Jim on September 04, 2000 at 20:33:06:

In Reply to: would you do it? posted by david billman on September 03, 2000 at 12:14:35:

: Had a root canal with crown over metal stem- years ago.
: Crown needed replaced. Last week dentist pried off the old crown and put on temporary.
: 2 days later I have severe pain at that site. Antiobiotic and motrin and its all better, but xray shows defect(radiolucent) at base of the (old) root canal and they want to do an apicoectomy.
: I say no thanks- the thing is fine and was always fine except until they starting messing with it.
: If the problems returns -I'll deal with it then and be no worse off.
: Anyone with input?
: DB

Hi guys, I am not a dentist, but have been around them, I was in training to be a dental tech. The subject of root canals is not cut and dry, many things can happen, to start with how good the dentist is at his job, even how good your body is at warding off infections, and if nessary how well the absess, if it occures recacts to the antibotic that is given. After the tooth is dead it is much more subseptable to breaking apart or cracking. to start with the dentist makes a hole in your tooth and removes the blood supply and the nerve, cleans the hole out, and how clean he gets it, then puts a medecation in it to prevent an infection from starting, and most times a metal wire to fill the hole. This is less than an exacting science, and problems can occure with time that can effect your whole body if not detected in time. (an infection at the end of the tooth) Unless you are one of the lucky ones that never has any problems, no infection, and the tooth does not become brittle, the shure fire method is to remove the tooth and put a bridge in between two good teeth that have never had a root canal done to them. This is the best method that I have seen, and the most expensive, but maybe not in the long run, but this is just a advice board, so that is my 2 cents worth. Find a dentist that will be honest with you and tell you all the facts, (he might not want to take the time) what your choices are, and what the outcome could be one way or the other.

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