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Posted by Jennifer on September 10, 2000 at 23:45:04:

In Reply to: Re: Very frightened, wisdom teeth removal!! posted by Lucy on September 10, 2000 at 23:23:49:

My dentist says that if I only get the bottoms removed, my top wisdom teeth will just continue to grow until they are cutting into my bottom gums.
I have to get them out soon, because I was in braces for two and a half years, so if I didn't get them out they could ruin all the work my orthodontists did by pushing and moving my teeth around. I wouldn't mind waiting until I was twenty, but it wouldn't be wise.
Also, the surgeon is one of the reasons I am so nervous about the whole surgery. I don't know how reputable he is, but he is the only surgeon my insurance covers, so I can't actually decide on who I get to see for this surgery.

: Perhaps this is a question for "David," who writes on this list and who seems to be a professional, or at least quite knowledgeable.
: But [as a non-medical person] I am wondering
: 1) if 2 of yr wisdom teeth are coming in as they should, why do you need all 4 removed? why not just the 2 with problems?
: and
: 2) what's the rush? you're only 16.......why do these 2 need to be pulled Now, just as the school year begins? Is there any urgency? If there are no compelling medical reasons, why couldn't this operation be done next summer -- or when you
: are 20 and your mouth has developed more?
: Can you get a second opinion from another oral surgeon?
: Lucy

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