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Posted by David on September 11, 2000 at 00:08:31:

In Reply to: need some serious help here.please.. posted by jon on September 10, 2000 at 10:58:47:

: alright.i have a number of things gone wrong since problems with my teeth occured and was wandering if anyone could relate or enlighten started out with a root canal..all went well no problems afterwards.about 2 weeks later another rotten tooth started hurting severly for about 4 days..i took antibiotics and finally got to sleep but when i woke up the next day i felt really wierd and started to develope all kinds of symptoms.the first thing i noticed was insomnia.then i started to notice my brain was funtioning very poorly and im going to be honest with you on this one in saying the only reason i noticed the brain disfunction is because i am a marijuana smoker and i stopped smoking because it wasnt enjoyable anymore because of whatever is wrong with me..then i noticed this awful taste in mouth that constantly lingered..then i noticed poor digestion,heartburn, constipation,etc.then i noticed i started to break out every time i shower around my stomach and occaisonaly get some hives on my arms.well most have these symptoms have eased up quite a bit but still the lingering bad taste,mild brain fog,poor digestion...i have been eating healthy sleeping right taking viatimins and still im not quite myself anymore..i had the sore tooth pulled just recently and it sure does seem to be taking a long time to heal.the tooth next to it has no cavity but was tested and is dead..can anyone give me any advice on this by what ive said?ive been to doctors and everything..

: jon

Hey Jon-
I'm surprised your doctors haven't heard of this before. In addition
to those symptoms, you should have also gotten impotence and
"shrinkage?" You did not mention those.

Anyway, I'd lay off the marijuana. You may be allergic to the
antibiotic as well, and the combination of root canal therapy,
antibiotics, marijuana, etc. was too much for your body. I hope
you get back to normal, soon.

Good Luck-

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