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Posted by amy on September 27, 2000 at 21:40:04:

In Reply to: Re: Tooth infection, extraction, lymph nodes swelling, fever. Is it Just me? posted by Dr. Brad on April 30, 2000 at 20:33:04:

Hey Guys,

We had something similar except the swollen lymph node came first.
We had no idea there was an impacted tooth.
We had been sent for CT and MRI.
Later a dentist determined it must be wisdom teeth.
The wisdom teeth were removed and now 3 weeks later the lymph node is still giving us problems.
You can't see it or feel it. We only knew about it because there was pain with certain movements.
The lymph node seems to be next to the carodic artery. It has never gone over 1cm. and everyone says just wait and see. How long?
It is starting to take a toll on us - worrying about it constantly. It's hard to put something out of your mind when you constantly feel it.
Does this sound like a tooth problem or should we be pushing for more?
The "infection" was supposedly in place for months before we went to the doctor.
It has been 6 months now and still no answers.
Are we not giving it enough time to heal and return to normal?

: 2 months ago my wisdom tooth, which was impacting another tooth, developed a very severe infection.
: : As in very painful. The gums were swollen. I went to a dentist who sent me to an oral surgeon, who extracted
: : the wisdom tooth in question and the other three wisdom teeth too.

: : A week to ten days after the extraction (which went very well, no pain, no swelling etc.) I started to develop
: : some swelling in my lymph nodes above the collar bone and below the bad wisdom tooth. I also had
: : some fever. A week later the fever was still there, I started getting bouts of chills, a swetting, and lymph
: : nodes on the other side of my neck, and behind my ear were also swollen.

: : By this time I had made several trips to the oral surgeon and to my doctor. Initially the oral surgeon said
: : that the lymph node swelling was normal due to the infection in my tooth. But when the nodes on the other
: : side started swelling, he said that this is not related to the extraction.

: : My doctor tested me for every possible disease witha billion blood tests and scans. Nothing was found.
: : They decided to do a biopsy, and just nefore the intended date all the swelling disappeared and the so
: : did the fever.

: : Now, 10 days ago I underwent a root canal for the tooth next to the bad wisdom tooth. I have developed
: : some pain in my neck. I cannot feel any swelling like before, but my ear feels blocked (had the same
: : feeling after the tooth extraction).

: : Any one out there with a similar experience. Could all my problems have been from something
: : else and not my teeth?

: : Thanks

: Rick
: It sounds like you have multiple concerns regarding your teeth and some of them may be happening at the same time. An impacted wisdom tooth can certainly cause an infection but is most likely located on the side the tooth is located on UNLESS the infectious process becomes involved enough to affect both sides, which is possible. Due to the possible presence of infection at the time of the extraction and depending upon how long the infection process has been there (it may be somewhat resistant to antibiotics) then a postoperative infection may be possible. There are also many bacteria living with in the mouth and any one of those may have contributed to the post extraction infection. Secondary nodal infections that occur after extractions are not overely common but can occur after and extraction if enough infection process was present. From the procedure your having now (root canal)it sounds like the impacted wisdom tooth may have created a cavity or problem to the tooth just in front of it which can happen quite frequently. The ear discomfort or fullness that you're feeling can be related to an infection process not cleared up or to a new infection process involving the root canal therapy. You will find that due to the nerve innervation of the jaw that when someone has a problem with a tooth in the lower jaw the pain will radiate back up to the ear (following the path of the nerve) to give you the feeling that you have an "earache" My advice would be to stay the course of treatment that you already have begun and let your symptoms be known to the care provider. You may require more antibiotics before you are completely healed. Best Of Luck.

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