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Posted by Mike on October 02, 2000 at 23:29:21:

In Reply to: partial root canal, calcium deposit , gland swelling, trigeminal neuralgia? posted by Lori on September 10, 2000 at 01:42:27:

: Several years ago, I had a filled tooth that was hurting, my dentist referred me to
: an oral surgeon/dentist I then had a partial root canal, the dentist said he could't complete the procedure
: because I had a calcium deposit, and he was afraid if he drilled he might
: hit a nreve or vein, not a good thing he explained-so, he went ahead and put
: a temorary crown on it, I then had a permanent crown put on Both dentists said if it bothered me
: I would need to have it pulled- Later-I developed submandibular swelling
: on the inside of my mouth next to the tooth,it is still there and at times becomes painful-I have been diagnosied
: with Trigeminal Neuralgia since
: my question is caold this partial root canal be resoinsible for my pain? I have had many xrays, scans
: on both the tooth and the swollen gland-no answers yet-any ideas? and has anyone heard of the
: calcum deposit?

Hi Lori:

I don't know if anybody already has responded to your message, but I was told that
a root canal was not an option for me because the canal through the root of #9 was
calsified shut. I was told that only an apicoectomy was the only way to resolve the problem.
From what I understand ,calsium build up in the canals can be caused by trauma on the
tooth. Apparently, over years , a tooth that has expirenced trauma can develop some
weird canal problems ( calsification, lateral canals forming, or bifurcated canals)

I am told that an apicoectomy is not the big of a deal as long as you get a good
endodontic specialist which is a member of the AAE (American Association of Endodontics)


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