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Posted by David on October 11, 2000 at 18:50:05:

In Reply to: Metal taste in my mouth posted by Paul D. on October 06, 2000 at 16:14:56:

: I have had a metal taste in the left side of my mouth.
: What can cause this? I have three crowns and one tooth on that side that is filled. Can the different metal in my mouth be reacting against each other. I have dizzy spells and I am constantly sucking on Halls lozneges to combat the bad taste. My lower jaw feels like it is on fire as well. My Dentist and Endontist have both x-ray'd the area with negative results. At night I sleep with a mouthpeice so that my mouth doesn't close. Anyone got any help?

Hey Paul D.
Interesting set of problems. The metallic taste may not be a metal
taste per se, you may actually be thinking that it is a metallic taste
when, in fact, it may be a bacterial breakdown taste. It is possible to
have metals touch one another and cause a galvanic reaction, but you
would have had to have dental work done very recently.

My guess would be that there is some decay or perhaps a gum pocket
filled with infection. It might be helpful to have the dentists look around
again (very carefully), and it is possible to remove crowns and not destroy
them, so that they can be checked and recemented.

Other sources of funny/metallic tastes in the mouth could be from high
stress in you life, combined with poor diet, and too little sleep. The
dizziness can come from a diffuse infection in or around the jaw joint,
or sinuses (if you have a history of sinus problems). You could also have
a cyst or other pathology that should be ruled out by an oral surgeon.

By the way, stop sucking on candies, you'll get extensive decay.
Good luck-

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