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Posted by rita on October 12, 2000 at 00:09:48:

It's been a long 2 months and I need some guidance....I went to five different dentists who all gave me different explanations as to why I was experienceing the amount of pain I was. I eventually ended up with a NYU prostoladontist(sp?) who has basically rebuilt my mouth. I've had 7 root canals...3 that needed to be redone from years bite was so off...only 2 teeth met so I've had venners put on all my create inclusion....I have a bridge going in next week and then after that I need to get a mouth guard as I'm grinding up a storm. I wake up in serious throbbing pain around 5 am since the venners have been placed on. Basically I'm losing it. The pain is bouncing all around my mouth. I trust my dentist...he has done all my root canals but sent me to one specialist to do one particular tooth as the roots were so curved it was insane. Point being this specialist took an x-ray of my past root canal which still gives me achy pain from time to time and said it all looks good but only time will tell and that the grinding doesn't help.
Is this healing pain or sould I be concerned that I'm a serious TMJ candidate....??? My dentist keep telling me to relax and that he can fix anything but I have to let healing time go by and that we have to continue on the treatment plan we've created and then go from just seems like 3 weeks is a long time for a rct to heal...the others he has done has not taken so long...I'm tired and exhausted by all this...any advice would be appreciated. Do venners change the postion of your original teeth? in addition to the achy pain from time to time I feel pressure...phew...that's my story.

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