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Posted by Tara on October 12, 2000 at 08:25:58:

In Reply to: Re: Hi Bonnie-- posted by Bonnie on October 11, 2000 at 22:47:22:

: : :
: : : Well, I went to the dentist and he took another x-ray; says everything looks good but he saw a dark
: : : shadow on the tooth that doesn't have a root canal but is crowned. he poked around and when he
: : : did he hit upon an area that really hurt. He treated it with some kind of fluid that was supposed to
: : : decrease the sensitivity in that area but it hasn't worked; I think the bottom line is that I am
: : : going to have a root canal in the that other tooth; he also said something about a nerve; I
: : : am sort of confused because he said all of the teeth in the x-ray looked good but he did
: : : mention that dark shadow on the untreated tooth-- what do you think? I plan to call him and I
: : : imagine he will send me to an endodontist--
Bonnie, DEFINITELY go with the endodontist if you need a root canal...I have had a root canal done by each and the difference is night and day! They are usually about the same price as a dentist, but you are getting a superior job, because root canals are their "full time job". They usually have better diagnostic tools for deeper problems that requires root canals. Have your dentist recommend one...they will talk back and forth and communicate about your problem. You won't regreat using the specialist (endodontist). I learned the hard way.
: : Marilyn, it sounds like you may be a bit confused , A RCT is where they remove the nerve in the tooth for many reasons , either because the nerve has died and became infected or there is decay in the tooth and it has reached the nerve. Sounds like the nerve in your tooth has been trying to or is already dead and the RCT will be inavietable.The nerve can die for many different reasons , which really doesnt matter. When the nerve in your tooth dies the bacteria
: : (gases ) has to escape from the tooth ,if there isnt deacy or a hole in the tooth it will release itself from the bottom of the root of the tooth, causes an abcess.The abcess will cause pain after so long ,but it will show itself on an xray usually ,aa a dark cirlce. Thats probaly what your DDS saw. If the tooth has a crown on it he should be able to go thru the crown and do the RCT, if there is decay under the crown its best to have a new crown made after the RCt is completed. Sounds to me that he might not have explained himself to you , could have done a better job with that ,I hope I made a little more sense .One question I have for you is why wouldnt he do the RCT himself it will be so much more expensive if he sends you to a endodonists.

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