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Posted by Rick H on October 14, 2000 at 21:51:59:

Here's a portion of a message post that I recently wrote on the multiple sclerosis board. I thought that it should also be posted here. Here's my story of how I linked my chronic pains to my mercury-silver dental amalgams:

About 22 years ago, my doctor told me that I was too old, too fat, that I should not run more than a hundred yards, and that I should take 10 aspirins a day. Today, after decades of suffering a very painful condition, I run nearly 20 miles a week, after having my mercury-silver dental amalgams removed. I may be one of the few anywhere, that can definitely link this problem that way. I'm now 50 years old, and now feel in the best of shape. I thank God for helping me along the way. Maybe I can help some of you too.

About twenty-two years ago, after my doctor told me to take so many aspirins, I refused to take that "junk". I couldn't believe that at 27 years of age (nearly 28) that I was going to be hooked on pills. I had to find another way. I saw many other doctors, but none could help me. I searched for answers in books, but found little comfort. Then I experimented with mega-vitamins and minerals and I found some improvement. There was a connection with this joint pain and what I was eating. Since I did not like taking pills of any kind, I decided to change my diet instead after this brief experimentation. That greatly helped where I could now run about 5 miles a week, with some pain. That was about 17 years ago when I changed to a healthy diet.

Then over the years I struggled with this, sometimes feeling better, but other urinary problems made me worse. To shorten my story, it progressively got so bad, that I didn't want to live any more. (That was about 13 years ago.) I then discovered herbs, such that I again felt better. I lived that way with some improvement, but I always struggled with it - with the lower back pain, chest pains, sore joints, headaches, loose teeth, gum disease, continued urinary problems, and cramps.

Then about 6 years ago, one of my molar teeth split in half, exposing one of my mercury-silver amalgams. The next day, my pains increased to nearly unbearable levels. My back muscles near my shoulder blades hurt all the time, and I had tingling at the end of my hands. I got very scared, for I felt like I was at the end of my rope. Then I found that none of my natural diet and herbal tricks worked. That made me even more worried. I called a local hospital for help, but all they could offer me, was to say that maybe I could call someone in research, at a research hospital. I was in so much pain and despair, I couldn't wait. It was too coincidental. There must be a link between all these pains and these amalgams, I thought. Years ago, I had read about it in a book in a health food store, but at that time, I had a hard time believing that these black things in my mouth really could cause so many problems. Now, I knew for sure. I decided to have all eight of them removed. I had many strange symptoms during the removal process. I was excited, that I was doing the right thing. I envisioned myself running like the wind, while the dentist drilled and drilled. That helped me endure the long dental procedures.

When I had all these ugly black fillings replaced with white plastic fillings in a two month period, I was disappointed that I didn't immediately feel much better. I then went back to my books, and found that removing the toxins in the mouth was only part of the solution. Now, I had to remove them from the rest of my body as well. I experimented with anti-mercury compounds (Vitamin E, Garlic Extract, and Selenium). That was a terrible mistake. After weeks of this self treatment, I got extremly ill. I felt like I was hungry and I wanted to vomit at the same time. I wanted to run and sleep at the same time. I then got so sleepy, that I stayed in bed most of the day. I missed a week of work and I wondered if I was going to die. When I finally returned to work that strange sensation took about 2 months before it went completely away. I couldn't tell any of my co-workers about it and I lived in constant fear. After that time, I decided against any more experimentation.

That anti-mercury self treatment happened a few months after I had the amalgams removed. Since that time I stuck to common sense treatment which was a healthy diet, my herbs, and my exercise program. Over the years most of my symptoms of pain and misery gradually have gone away. I now race my body around the neighborhood (usually about 19.5 miles a week). I continually break my own personal best records, which is really challenging. I'm not 100% cured, but now I'm in the best of health, where I look much younger than my age.

Just the other day, someone at my work, called me "young man". I didn't say anything, but wonder if I really still look that young. My kids tell me that I do. I just got Modern Maturity magazine, and my AARP card, and I'm a kid again. Maybe you too can be that kid again!!!

Best of luck for all of you that suffer from strange illnesses that are difficult to cure or understand. I hope that some of you can make improvements, such I had done, by eating healthy, removing toxins, taking herbs for cleansing, and exercising moderately. I would expect that you do that under doctor's care, as it can never be known for certain that any of you have what I had. I had taken chances and made decisions on my own because I couldn't find help from any doctors. I don't expect any of you to experiment, as I had done, because I have shown you some of the consequences. But it often is a tough decision to make. I was just gutsy enough to do what others didn't do, and was lucky and blessed by God to succeed.

Have any of you had similar problems that I had had? Have any of you linked your illness to your dental amalgams? What more can any of you tell me about it? Thanks.

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