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Posted by Bonnie on October 17, 2000 at 16:33:21:

In Reply to: Bonnie -- shaving teeth posted by Heidi on October 17, 2000 at 10:41:57:

: HI Bonnie,
: I appreciate your message telling me not to let the dentist shave my natural teeth to adjust my bite.
: I was wondering if you could elaborate a little. I wrote an orthodontist and he said he'd have to see
: me to tell if I should/should not have my teeth shaved a bit.
: My teeth are all straight so I don't need braces. I'm a little confused.
: I guess what I want to know are some of the problems, if any, that can occur from allowing my dentist
: to do this.
: Thanks,
: Heidi

Heidi,when a dentist removes even only a millimeter of tooth structure(which I know doesnt sound like alot but believe me it is.)At first it really wont even be noticable to you , but over the years it could become a problem especially if you are a grinder.Once the enamel is removed from your teeth it doesnt grow back.The enamel protects the tooth structure ,under the enamel is a material that is called dentin, the dentin is what can cause your tooth to become sensitive when exposed. Say for instance you have a cavity and its in the enamael of your tooth ,there is generally no pain and you can live like that for a long time(though not recommended) but when the cavity reaches the dentin of the tooth you will start to feel cold sensations and sometimes hot .Beyond the dentin is the nerve ,once the decay reaches there well then it RCT time.That is why when a dentist finds a cavity and the patient say s but Im not having any pain thats when the tooth should be filled before it reaches the dentin.By removing the enamel on your teeth you do weken the enamel structure.Thats is my opinion anyway and the opinion of the dentists that I have worked for over the years.Soem may not always agree ,if you are unsure ( which I hope I didnt confuse you more ) you should definatley seek a second opinion.

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