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Posted by Bonnie on October 21, 2000 at 16:29:22:

In Reply to: Please help to make decision on apicoectomy - to David and all posted by sasha on October 21, 2000 at 12:58:07:

: Hello,

: I have major dental problems. I have 6 teeth with root canals done and done unproperly: 3 adjacent teeth on both sides of my upper jaw. I come from 3rd world country where it was done many years ago. The canals are filled to 1/3 only, some canals are not filled at all. The problem is that all this was done with some kind of material that does not dissolve or going away by other means. I had 3 different dentists looking into it and they all said this same thing. Now the teeth are started to crack and fell apart. The dentist I go now suggests to put crowns on them and then go for apicoectomy on all these teeth to prevent bacterial effect on my body. My teeth do not hurt now, i have no tooth ache but i think the pathogenic bacteria from those canals affect my body overall. I've read that teeth with root canals done (even properly) may not hurt but be a reason for all kind of deseases including heart desease and cancer of different organs. But after reading mesages on this board, i have serious doubts whether i should do apicoectomy on all those teeth.
: Please, please advise what is best to do. I am thinking to pull them all away and put on the bridges over the 3 missing teeth on each side but would it work at all? Are those what David called cantilever bridge? I am not even thinking of aestetics here. Just want to find most healthy alternative for overall body.
: Thanks a lot for your help.

: Sasha

Sasha ,you poor thing ,you have been thru alot with your teeth from what it sounds like.As for what you are asking ,you first need to have complete confidence in your chioce of a dentist.Apicos are very sucessful if done right and the chance of keeping your teeth are good .I dont know if crowning them would be a good idea to do first ,what if the apico does fail the you have put out the money for both procedures and you still have to have the tooth extracted.I would ask if the apico can be done and then how long he might suggest waiting before you place the crowns on.There is usually a healing period of about 3-6 monhts ,of coarse that would depend on the condiion of the teeth at the time of the apico too.
A cantaliver bridge is where you have 1 or 2 of your own teeth and they have crowns contected together and then there is another crown contected to that but no natural tooth underneath it ,this is all cemented in as one peice.

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