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Posted by Krissy on October 22, 2000 at 04:49:55:

In Reply to: Re: Had root canal weeks ago......has been retreated 4 times...still pain...HELP!! posted by Tracy on October 12, 2000 at 03:31:36:

: : Hi. I have posted here about my upper right side next to last tooth having constant pain (sorry, I can't remember the real tooth number). Anyway, I had a root canal on it about a month ago. When I went back to see the dentist about a week later, I informed him pain was still there (no different). Dentist went ahead and opened it (said I probably had gas built up inside) and basically retreated it. Went back to dentist about one and a half weeks later, informed him pain was still there (I know the difference between pain and soreness). Dentist went ahead and opened it up again, retreated it again, but this time prescribed penicillin with it because I had an infection (I'm not sure why I wasn't given penicillin after the first root canal). Took penicillin for seven days, pain still there. I also forgot to mention that they prescribed me painkillers twice (which helped but masked the problem

: : Went back to dentist yesterday, he opened tooth again and proceded to retreat it AGAIN except this time he filled it with medicine. After numbness wore off, the tooth was THROBBING, didn't get any sleep last night. Went back to dentist this morning where he proceded to remove medicine from tooth (he thinks I had an allergic reaction to the medicine) and went ahead and put a different medicine in it. It is now 8:40p.m. and tooth is pretty sore, I am hoping I won't have major pain like last night & early this morning.

: : I know this is VERY LONG, but I need some serious advice (I am at the end of my rope!). I want to have this tooth pulled, I don't think it will ever get any better. I am 20 years old and do not have a lot of money. Everyone at the dentist's office is so nice and they have never charged me for any of these "extra" visits. I asked the dentist how far should I go for one tooth, he said I could get it pulled but he also said that sometimes root canals simply don't work and it's also possible I have accessory canals that he cannot see and I would need to see a specialist. I think I want the tooth pulled.

: : Thank you for reading, please respond with ANY advice, I will certainly appreciate it.

: Cindy,
: I know this is going to sound stupid, but are you sure you had the right tooth treated? Toothaches can be tricky...sometimes you will feel pain in your top teeth, when it is a bottome one that is abcessed! Also, a root canal in one tooth can cause one near it to flare up.
: I have had 8 root canals :-( , and this kind of stuff has happened to me. You can tell if a tooth is hot by having your dentist tap it with the blunt end of his pick; it won't feel good if he hits a hot one, but at least you'll know.
: Good Luck!

i have been through the SAME thing with a lower front tooth..exactly i am glad i am not the only one going through dentist told me to see an oral surgeon to have an apioectomy done on this stupid tooth i just pray it works although hes not doing it i cant afford it and he wont do it without me paying hundreds of dollars up front so my dentist offered to do it for me ..which i am scared about because im nt sure if hes donethis procedure before.

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