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Posted by Leah on October 28, 2000 at 22:46:26:

In Reply to: Re: Internal Resorption posted by Bonnie on October 28, 2000 at 09:43:35:

What do you mean? It's the 2nd tooth from the back molar, and my dentist has said that it's like a Pac Man, sort of, in that the tooth is being eaten from the inside out, or a peanut where the shell is good but the peanut inside is rotten.

He also said I could have a root canal, but it would be more expensive because of the crown I'd need (the tooth has no "inside" left to put a crown on) and that I need to do something or it'll hurt like nothing I've ever known in 8 months to a year.

Can you explain what you mean by bonding one tooth to another?

: : I'm 23 and only had minor dental work and braces up to this point. In a tooth that hasn't been filled or tampered with in any way I have an internal resorption. My dentist says the only way I won't have any problems is to have it extracted. I have VERY low self esteem as it is, due to other health issues, and a missing tooth will NOT help any at all.

: : I'm a student, and I don't have, nor can I get, the $2400 it's going to cost to have all this done, including the bridge. Any else have this? Am I too young for this or does it happen to young people sometimes? Also, could it have been from my braces?

: : I'm really not handling this well at all. I was suicidal the day I found out. With all the debt I have and my self image, there's no way I can do what he recommends. I'm angry and depressed, and looking for suggestions.

: Leah, you didnt say what tooth it was ,that could makea big difference in what treatment you recieve if any. While tooth resorption is not very common on young healthy permentant teeth ,there are extracting it is a last resort especially if it isnt giving you any problems right now.Get a second opinion,I have seen many sucseful cases where the tooth was bonded to a ajoining tooth and it held up for years to come.Of course it really depends on which tooth it is.Please go for a second opinion and let me know what the what you decide,I will be very interested in the outcome. If the cost of whtever procedure you decide to go with is out of your range talk with the doctor and explain the situation and see if he will allow payments to be made ,most allow finacial arrangments to be made.

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