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Posted by Bonnie on October 29, 2000 at 08:19:08:

In Reply to: Re: Painless Abcess? Oral Cancer? posted by Patti Smith on October 29, 2000 at 01:14:43:

: Hi Bonnie,

: Thanks so much for the quick reply!

: Yes, the dentist did full x-rays on the visit a few weeks ago. He studied the x-ray of the tooth in question and saw nothing.

: As far as the bump is concerned, it's definately not a pimple. It feels hard, like bone, and I can move the gum tissue over it with my tongue. There is no pain, no heat and absolutely no drainage or raw areas to the gum.

: The nerve-y pain stopped last night and I've had no more pain from the tooth.

: I wonder if this could be a bone growth that I hadn't noticed before? I sure hope so.

: Patti

: : Dont freak out , first a question,did the doctor take an xray of the tooth that had a RCT ? Even though a tooth has had a RCT doesnt mean it cant reabcess on you ,I dont understand why the doctor didnt tell you that.It sounds like your tooth has done just that and the pimple has formed to let the infection drain. It is very common for this to happen .If the aleave is helping continue taking it until you can get in to see your dentist Monday,if it doesnt help you can call him .Dentists are on call for you , they will at least call you in a antibiotic and some stonger pain meds until he sees you monday .Sounds like the tooth will have to have the RCT retreated,fairly easy to do ,or they will have to do an apico,which is a surgical form of doing a RCT ,I have had one done myself and speaking from experience its an easy procedure.The first thing to do if the RCT is failing and is draining from the gums is to get on an antibiotic,be sure and call monday if you can wait unitl then and get in to see your dentist ASAP. Let us know what happens

Well I'm glad to know that you are not having anymore pain. A bone growth( TORI) really cannot happen over night,but you may not have noticed it before.But now that your doctor has brought the area to your attention its all you can think about.Toris are extra bone growth that most can live with and ignor,some do get so big and uncomfortable though that they have them removed.They can grow anywhere on the jaw.When you see your DDS again ask him to give you some info on Toris there really isnt anything to worry about with them ,but there is alot of info that can explain it better then I can.

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