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Posted by tina on November 04, 2000 at 19:02:36:

In Reply to: Root Canal Pain---- am I the only one? posted by Cheryl on September 18, 2000 at 06:15:36:

: Due to poor dental care as an adolescent, I have a few back teeth that need fillings. I have had 3 root canals, ended up losing 2 of the teeth. I have had 3 dentists in the past 6 years. Looks like I am going to have to find yet another. The 1st step of the root canal goes ok, until the filling is put in & a "lid" -- cap, is applied, then major pain, swelling, infection.. I wonder if I am allergic to the packing, don't know what the problem is. I have discussed this problem with each new dentist & the last one actually agreed that I may have an allergy to the packing--then said "oh, lets try a root canal--should be fine" When my eye swelled shut & my face, in that side doubled in size, I had to have the tooth extracted--after 3 weeks of antibiotics & excrutiating pain, the Dentist treated me like I was being irrational & faking pain. I never once asked him for antibiotics or pain meds, I went to him & showed him the swelling, he said- "oh, just give it some time, it'll get better" so I went to my family doctor who could not believe the swelling. He put me on Dilaudid & antibiotics. I am a nurse & am tired of Dentists treating me like I am a
: hypochondriac. I am not a drug seeker, I don't even take medication on a regular basis. I have talked to numerous people who have had root canals without any ill effects & agree that saving a tooth is a worthwhile cause but, personally I would rather have shock therapy than ever have another root canal. This problem with root canal pain has made me paranoid to go to another dentist...Maybe I'll find one that will listen someday.....

no cheryl your not the only one...i have had 3 back teeth out...but not before very painful root canal treatment the one i had done a few years ago ended up like yours, i was in alot of pain and when i woke up one morning my face was like a balloon.. i was taken to hospital and i had the tooth removed and put on antibiotics, the dentist
was a complete waste of space. The next dentist was no better same thing happened, but she tried for 6 months to save my tooth, until i ended up with yet another infection. i was about to have it all cleaned up when she snapped the drill bit inside the root canal and without any choice i had to have the tooth out. i then developed a dry socket which was even more painful and then developed and absess which has sent me to the hospital only this evening. so i'm back on antibiotics and very strong painkillers and a hot water my dear your not alone, best of luck

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