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Posted by tina on November 04, 2000 at 19:21:35:

In Reply to: Pain after Root Canal!!!!!!!!!! posted by Libby on September 12, 2000 at 21:46:52:

: I had a root canal 6 days ago and my tooth is very sensentive to cold. I called the dentist's office who completed the procedure and the assistant said that it can't be from that tooth since there is no root in the tooth and that it must be the tooth in front of that one. The teeth involved is #15 and 14. (14) is the one she thinks could be the problem. I don't know but I have had 2 previous root canals and never had the kind of pain that brings tears to your eyes when you drink something cold.

: This tooth was hard to work on as it wings out and touches the cheek. I would rather pull it but they belive that it is not a good idea since it is in the sinus cavity. Who knew that would be a problem??? I just know that I am out a lot of $$$$$$$$$ and do not want to continue with a crown if the tooth is going to require a re-treat.

: Does anyone else have these same dental problems??? I have been to the dentist more in the last two years then I have been in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!! And I brush and floss my teeth as required..

well libby, until you have that tooth out, the pain will be with you for many years. i have just had root canal and it was so painful, i too was told that it should not hurt me as the 'tooth was dead' yer right...i was told i had four canals, but they could only find three.. the fourth became infected and then my oh so nice dentist snapped the drill bit in the root canal and i had no choice but to have the tooth removed.. i have since had dry socket and only this evening i was at the hospital getting yet more antibiotic's, but i know that give it a few weeks and i will be pain free by the way i was also told it was the tooth in front, thats the way they get more money out of you. any way best of luck

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