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Posted by Bonnie on November 14, 2000 at 08:34:24:

In Reply to: Implants? posted by Sal on November 14, 2000 at 06:47:00:

: Hi I am a 70 year old female, when I was real young teens and twenties I had many of my back teeth extracted it was very common in the area I lived in you got a toothache went to dentist and he pulled the tooth over the years I lost about 5 top molars and 6 bottom ones, at the time no one really emphasized replacing them so I didn't, well fast forward years later and my entire mouth of remaining teeth were totally ruined all my teeth shifted on top and had big spaces between my teeth that weren't there when I was young last year my front teeth were actually wiggling when I spoke so after many years of dental phobia I saw a dentist to see if there was a way to stablize them he basically said nothing could be done except extraction. Seems like that is all dentistry has done for me is extract my teeth anyway in a one day procedure had all remaining top teeth pulled and a denture was placed in two long months later. My question is I heard about implants is it possible to have implants when all your top teeth are missing I hate this bulky denture and would love "permanent" teeth again. Do they do an implant for each missing tooth? Plus now dentist wants to pull remaining couple of bottom teeth is there no other choice but extracting those too I do have 8 natural teeth on the bottom that I really don't want to loose.

You would need to see a speacialist for implants for you situation. Yes they can place implants to either hold a denture in place or to build a permenet bridge.It would depend on the bone structure though,and having lost your teeth at such a yearly age and taking into account your present age,I would quess that the bone structure is weak. It certinly wouldnt hurt to go for a consult with a oral sugeon though and let him evalute your situation. They would not place a implant for every tooth that is missing if you were able to have implants done ,its usually every other tooth and then the crowns are fabricated or splinted together for stability.

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