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Posted by Debbie on November 16, 2000 at 22:51:38:

In Reply to: Re: on the verge of madness.... posted by karen on November 16, 2000 at 02:41:30:

: : : Help me...I've tried to remain strong and have a sense of humor about this but this dull ache that is going on on my left side is driving me to drink! I had a root canal on a back molar on the left side....3 canals...this was almost 2 months ago...the ache wouldn't quit...sometimes worse than crying pain..just pain in the ass dentist...who I really trust and love kept checking and taking x-rays...and saying he couldn't see anything wrong..gave me still kept going...finally he sent me to a specialist...he x-rayed..agreed it looked good but MAYBE there was a curve to the root that he might be able to see once in there...turns out there was a 4th canal!!! He filled it with medicine and a temp filling....for the first day it felt better but it's back to business of aching...I called him...he told me to hang come in this Friday...our scheduled appointment...and he would fill it for real...he said he can only go by symptoms now as the xrays show no abcess or infection...basically it's a waiting's just that i've been waiting so long I'm losing patience...and I being nuerotic? I'm ready to pull it out myself...and why would a tooth with no nreve contiune to give one discomfort? Sorry for the long windedness of this....thanks! :-)

: : Hi Karen;
: : I can sure sympathize with the hell you're now in...I have the same problem: can you believe this: over 5 years ago I had this upper molar (it's the 2nd tooth from the very back) filled; ever since that day the tooth has ached; I would have brief periods when it would "calm down"....We moved to another state, and my regular dentist kept telling me to have patience, to wait for the nerve to "calm down"; he also prescribed anti-biotics to me a few times.Finally, last December i went to see a new dentist; he said getting the tooth crowned should relieve the sensitivity: NOT! So this past April I had a root canal done on it; the pain only seemed to get worse...then this past Thursday (almost a week ago) I had a retreat on the felt fine for 2 days, then it started to ache again. The Endondtist I went to has me on anti-biotics, but the tooth hurts almost constantly. I am very disheartened, as the Endondtist this time had found a 4th canal; I really had my hopes up that this would solve my problems. So, just know that you're not alone! I wish I could give you some helpful advice; but I don't know what to do about my pain either! Good luck; hang in there! Debbie

: Girl...

: I am with ya..we just both have to remain strong and not let it stop us...there is an answer...! than --
: 6k you for not letting me feel alone...
Hi Again Karen;
If you do figure out a solution to your pain, please post it on this board, so it can help other people, maybe even me! The awful thing about all this is, I have been over backwards being nice to the Endondtist who did the retreat on this tooh; but when I called his office today, when he got on the phone to me he was so nasty; like I was this big "problem" he didn't want to deal with any longer; though just one week ago he charged me $750.00 for the root canal retreat! All I asked him for was 10 more hydrocodone pills; he was questioning me like he thought I was a junkie or something. I told him I just felt better havbing something strong around, when the pain gets bad. He finally said he would call in a differnt kind of medicine; this one will relieve the swelling, which is fine with me. But I could tell by his tone that he had washed his hands of me. I was so upset by how he treated me, I was literally beside myself for a time today. I am in real need, and the doctor who did this procedure has washed his hands of me! The only other time I called his office was to ask for anti-biotics, as the pain kept getting worse and was really worrying/upsetting me. The wierd thing is that this afternoon the tooth has been aching miler; not ever stopping hurting, just turned down a notch. It's too early to get hopeful; but it is very depressing to me that no-one seems to care; I even called my regular dentist this morning (he put in a permanenet filling in that tooth the day after I had the retreat...the receptionist said he'd call me back; he hasn' I figure, I'm alone in this. But I'll hang in there; you do the same. I hope your pain gets less too. Good luck; Debbie

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