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Posted by Bonnie on November 17, 2000 at 22:48:44:

In Reply to: insensitivity to Novacaine posted by Carrie on November 17, 2000 at 21:29:20:

: Hi!

: I went to the dentist last week to get a lot of work done (3 pulp caps) and once again I had to go thru the torture of trying to explain that I was insensitive to Novacaine. The dentist never believes me until they are in the middle of a procedure, I have tears streaming down my face, and 15 (yes 15!) shots later I can still feel everything. I had a valium given to me 30 minutes before the procedure, lots of nitrous and my dentist used 3 different kinds of anesthetics, plus one of the 15 shots was in a nerve that apparently only 5% of the population has. I still felt it, I even tried to *deal* with the pain until he hit a nerve and I just about jumped out of the chair.

: The probem is I have to go back Monday so he can complete the job he was unable to finish last week. He now has me taking 1 Valium a day for two days before the visit, 1 Valium the morning of the visit, and another 1 hour before he starts work. My concern is the Valium may make me more relaxed, but it won't eleviate pain....My doctor is researching another medication, but he can't promise I will be able to take it. Is there anything else that can be done to help make this pain free? I have a prescription for Vicaden (for the pain from the 15 injections!) Should I take one of those as well? or will it totally whack out my system?

: Also, does anyone know anything about "sleep dentistry"? Would that help in a case like mine?

: Thanks so much for any info y'all may have (also, I need good vibes, I am Terrified!!)

: Carrie

Is this a new DDS for you and has he been practicing long ?Giving a injection especially on a lower takes a certin technique to learn and aquire over the years some DDs really never get the hang of it.It can take them years to acquire the method of giving a lower injection.There are certin anestatics(novacaines) that will last longer on a patient then others but it sounds to me like you never got numb at all. I can bet you the researh he is doing is practicing his injection technique. I would really think about going and getting another opinion before you dose youself up on meds.and completly turn yourself off from DDS for the rest of your life. Answer this question for yourself,when you have a hard time getting numb is it only on the bottom that you cant get numb or is it on the top too? If you answer is only on the bottom I would seek another opinion. Oh yeh the story about the nerve in only about 5% of the population....I worked for a guy ,a really bad DDS that told that same story to all the patients he couldnt get numb. Wow ,what are the chances of you seeing him,your not in TN are you? I have never spoken as harshly about DDS's as I have in this post,but I think its important for you to know ,I wouldnt want to see you afraid and not want to go back and get your work completed by anyone.I feel I have a responsiblitity to tell you that its 99% chance that there is nothing wrong with you ,but in your choice of DDSs.
Good luck to you!!!!!

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