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Posted by DANA on November 22, 2000 at 15:57:06:

Almost 8 weeks after a tooth extraction of lower, left rear tooth, I still have pain where the tooth used to be.
Have had x-rays of entire head and they didn't see cracked bones. Will MRI show nerve/muscle/jaw damage at all?
Have taken three runs of antibiotics and three runs of pain pills. I'm currently going through 50 tylenol and 50 ibuprofens
/ week, with minimal relief. Worse when I lay down, and yes, I do grind my teeth at night.
However, this doesn't feel like the gum, more like "inside" the bone.
My 3 return visits to dentist yeilded only more antibiotics and pain meds -
the second time diagnosed me with "proud flesh" over extraction site. My general M.D.
sent me for the xrays and since she didn't find anything wrong from those, they've only
given me naprosyn and ibuprofen, which are not working now.
HELP! I cannot sleep from the severe pain I have and am becoming very stressed. And it's not
another tooth causing the pain nearby, as I don't have any teeth near the extraction site to hurt.
The closest ones I tapped on with no painful reaction. The only thing out of ordinary about the
extraction, was that the dentist remarked "what a big tooth!" which I assumed to mean big roots.
He later confirmed that, but he's dismissing it now since he can't "see" anything wrong.

My general doctor tried to refer me to an oral/maxillofacial surgeon, but insurance won't cover unless there's accident
trauma or a surgery to be performed. Any ideas or insight AT ALL will help me.
Everyone is now as puzzled as me, or thinking I'm trying to obtain more pain meds, which I assure
you I'm not, because I specifically asked to only be given anti-inflammatories last time since other
narcotics made me sick. (This pain is severe, and I've had plenty of extractions to use as reference.)

So sorry for length of this message, but hoped more data would help me get a better answer. Thank you.

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