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Posted by shaelle on December 16, 2000 at 13:18:10:

In Reply to: Wearing town of teeth enamel, help please! posted by John D on December 15, 2000 at 00:59:47:

: Hi everyone, finally found a place that discussed teeth. The problem with my teeth is enamel started wearing away the white off of my teeth and they are becoming clear. First it was a little on the top front two, but now it is spreading and more enamel disappears. That isn't the scary part, the teeth all around the front two including the bottom ones are also losing enamel. It's getting pretty ugly and unaware of the cause. I used to brush my teeth every time that I ate food, but cut down and only brush once or twice a day... and very lightly, where before I brushed vigorously. That method doesn't seem to be improving this situation. So, I was at the dentist earlier this year and asked about it... but she said my teeth looked good. I asked if it was because I was brushing too hard, she said that's not the problem.. and asked me if I bit down on my teeth, grinded, I said not to my knowledge, I used to. Could happen is sleep but the enamel is wearing off my teeth, and it's becoming an ugly see-through deal. Anybody know of any cures, or any information. I'm tempted to revisit the dentist and have a showdown to figure out what I need to do to get this under control, it's not getting better fast... neither is my confidence, but oh well.

: Thanks,

: Johnnie D.

Johnnie, your description of your teeth becoming clear when the enamel is worn away is not making sense. Enamel is clear to white in color, the next layer under the enamel is called dentin, and dentin is yellow in color. The dentin is what determines the color of your teeth. If you have really dark yellow dentin then your teeth have a more yellowish tint. The lighter yellow your dentin is, the more "naturally" white your teeth appear. Now If your wearing away the chewing surfaces of your teeth, that would explain the your dentist asking you about teeth grinding, b/c those areas would appear more yellow, b/c the enamel is thinner in those areas. Also vigorous brushing is likely to wear away your gum tissue, causing recession, that is where you have root surfaces showing on your teeth, but that again is usually yellowish in color. My only other thought is if your thinking of the tips/incisal edge of your front teeth. These areas could appear rather clear. Remember that I said that enamel is clear to white in color, well you may not have any wear on your teeth at all in these areas, b/c you would be looking through the outer most layer of your teeth where there is only enamel. I guess you could think of this like a choclate dipped ice cream cone, the cone being the root, and the ice cream being the dentin, the outer layer, the choclate, is the enamel, the more or thicker the choclate is at the tip of the cone, the farther away the outer edge of the dentin (ice cream) is from the outer edge of enamel(choclate), so you could have a large area of clear enamel(area of thick choclate) at the tip of the tooth before the next layer begins. Does your tooth appear thicker/fuller in color towards the middle of your tooth? This may be where your dentin begins.
I hope I have answered your problem, If you could give a better explanation of your problem, maybe we could zero in on exactly what you mean.
Good Luck!

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