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hugs to Liliana

hugs to Liliana

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Posted by Kathrin on October 08, 2000 at 18:07:20:

In Reply to: i am really depress need moral support posted by liliana on October 08, 2000 at 16:40:18:

Hey Liliana
I can feel how you hurt, even from the way you write. Like it all came tumbling down and you are standing there looking at what you thought was your life, not knowing if there is anything left and if yes what it is and how you can find it... (please tell me if i am wrong)...
But you, Liliana, you are still there. You are still alive. You can breathe, you can close your eyes and breathe deeply, you can feel cold, warmth, the wind... it is ok to be sad. Allow yourself to grief. And allow yourself to go on and take it as it comes. Whether it works out againw ith your boyfriend or not. Maybe, if he was lying to you and stuff, maybe he just really wasn't the right boyfriend for you, I mean who am I to judge that, but believe me, things happen for a purpose, they don't just happen. Some things must end. There is pain. There is loss. But there is also growth. Every time you leave something behind, you grow.
I am not sure if what I write helps you, I hope it does at least a little bit. Loss is such a sad feeling. I am a very sensitive person and I feel loss strongly. I feel it when the summer goes by and I felt it when my childhood seemed over and I felt it often when I started something new... that feeling of loss. But every time there will be a point when it gets easier. And after a while you can look back on it anhd ther pain won't be so deep anymore and then become less and less. Maybe you don't WANT this to happen right now (I can relate to that, the thought that I might just not care about somehting later hurt me even more)... but Liliana, life has to go on. Lots and lots of good thoings are still waiting for you. Just for you, for you alone. It is hard to believe that at times. I know, really, I know. But Liliana, for now just believe that it will, it really will, get better again, and there will be a lot of bright days for you. Life can be such a challenge sometimes. Allow yourself to feel. But then you have to walk on.

:)smiles and hugs

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