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Re: CELEXA...updates, anyone?

Re: CELEXA...updates, anyone?

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Posted by citigal on October 10, 2000 at 22:26:24:

In Reply to: CELEXA...updates, anyone? posted by tracy on October 10, 2000 at 16:49:02:

: I just took my first Celexa this morning. I took Paxil for 2 years, and it was a miracle drug for me. Then I got stupid and quit taking it, thinking I no longer needed it and could lose the weight I gained on it. 9 months later, I have only lost 15 of the 50 pounds, and the depression has come back. I tried the Paxil again but it didn't work this time. Last round of depression I had alot of anxiety...hence the Paxil. This time, however, I am not very anxious at all so the Paxil just knocked me out! I slept 18 hours a day. My doc recommended Celexa, so here I am...
: I checked all the old posts re:Celexa, and was wondering how those who are taking it are doing. I am expecting some side effects - no sex drive, shakes, the usual - but am not too worried. I used to freak at the idea of having bad effects, but I have learned to control it. I have heard that Celexa is not as bad for weight gain as some of the other SSRI's...any truth to that?
: Just looking for some input from those who have been where I am about to go...Celexa-Land!

Well, as to weight gain, I already gained maybe 5 lbs prior to celexa and nothing more since -- I've been on it for a few months -- well, except for when I went to Cancun -- but I was eating pork and chocolate bread, LOL! (I lost the few lbs as soon as I returned). Also the sex side effect I was already experiencing with other drugs too and it hasn't changed -- the drive is there, just a little more difficult. Otherwise no problems. I've been on 40mg for a while, it was a few weeks after the dose got up to 40 I started to notice I was feeling better. My doc thinks I'm not at the full effect of the drug yet and I will see her soon and talk to her about maybe going up to 60.

Prozac worked for me for a while, it was the only one that really did, and this feels similar --- not wonderful, but more even and bounce back a little better when I have a setback.

It may take time to feel some good effects but if you don't feel major side effects over the first few weeks you'll probably do well as far as side effects go. I've occasionally heard of a few who had negative side-effects -- but they are few and far between, at least what I am familiar with. Celexa is also one of the drugs that is used with older people because of the minimal side effects -- if it really worries you, speak to your doctor about going up VERY slowly. I had such horrible side effects with zoloft that when I switched to prozac, my psychologist suggested I talk to the psychiatrist about starting on liquid prozac, and the psychiatrist was agreeable -- I actually started with a dose that fit into a liquid dropper you'd use for an infant, and we went up incredibly slowly.


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