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Re: I have questions- Wife On Celexa

Re: I have questions- Wife On Celexa

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Posted by Richeldis on October 11, 2000 at 01:23:52:

In Reply to: I have questions- Wife On Celexa posted by Nate Macey on October 10, 2000 at 18:28:34:

Well I read your message and it wasn't that long! I don't know anything about Celexa, but I have been taking anti-depressants on and off for about 9 years now so I know some of the common side-effects of SSRI's.
Sleepiness is one of them, but it is also a symptom of depression, so only you and your wife can know which it is.
All medication has implications for pregnancy, I recently got married and it was a question I had to ask. I was told that I would have to come off the drug if I wanted a baby as a precaution. There isn't any evidence either way to suggest that it is ok to take SSRI's while pregnant, or that it is not safe. So the rule here, (UK) is that you come off them either when you are planning a baby or when you find yourself pregnant.
RE: coming off them... Whatever happens, whtever the dosage, whatever the drug, come off it SLOWLY.
I have been taken off meds quickly in the past and the side-effects are really scary, with some you can hallucinate, get worse all sorts. The other thing is that if you reduce the dose slowly you can monitor things easier and if need be go back to a higher dosage.
You said your wife had only been on the higher dosage for 2 months, it can take that long to see any improvement, but if there hasn't been any i agree there seems little point in taking more than you need. But beware you may find that if the dosage is reduced you'll find deterioration in mood, this is not due to dependancy, but because the higher dose was doing something, just that because the effect was so slow and minimal you didn't notice any improvement.
Back to babies, the most important thing to think about is the alternative support and to get that in place before you try for a baby and your wife comes of the meds. Things like councelling or psychology, Occupational therapy etc are really helpful to recovery. I have found all three really useful. But it is a bit like buying a new house, you have to have a good look at what's available and test the water first. Just because one councellor didn't work or one type of therapy, it doesn't necessarily mean that none of them will. Here, a lot of Counsellor's give a discount for people on low incomes, or you can go on a really long waiting list for a free service. Check out local and national charities, you might get the service a bit quicker and cheaper. Also make sure they are registered and qualified.
Best of luck, let me know how things go.

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