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Re: Psychological testing

Re: Psychological testing

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Posted by G. on October 11, 2000 at 13:36:16:

In Reply to: Psychological testing posted by 2Curous on October 11, 2000 at 10:26:18:

Hi 2Curious!

I'm not sure I can give you insight on psychological testing, but maybe I can throw some silliness your way to maybe bring a smile. All I know is that psychological tests are not something you study for; you have to use your brain instead of a #2 pencil; and they like it if you 'fail'... keeps them in business ;-) Don't they use ink blobs?...and if you look at one that is usually described as a leaf, and you say it looks like your Uncle Norman stepping out of the shower with a large soggie pizza on his head and carrying 2 very large and angry goldfish under his arms... the doc's eyes get REAL big and he writes a whole bunch of stuff down on his notepad. I think that's pretty much what they are :) Or maybe they use a word association thing: They say 'house', you say 'sex'. They say 'sky', you say 'sex'. They say 'tree', you say 'sex'. They say 'sex', you say 'Sure.. let's go!'. It's those type of responses that they really like to scratch their head about :) (heehee.. just joking around to help get rid of those blues a bit)

Now, some things Im happy about:

I'm happy I didn't spill any soda on me this morni... oh crap! UGH! Never mind on that one.

I'm happy that I didn't find any big, angry, goldfish in the shower this morning trying to steal my pizza.

I'm happy that I don't have to go to the dentist today. (Any day like that is a great day to me!)

I'm happy that today is Wednesday, and tomorrow's the weekend!!!! YAY !!!! (I know what you're going to say... I'll deal with that minor detail tomorrow.. right now I'll just be disillusioned and happy :)

I'm happy that we can't feel the earth spinning, because I really hate being dizzy.

I'm happy that there isn't a law that says every American has to eat cottage cheese everday, because if there was.. I'd be in jail. I don't like cottage cheese.

I'm happy that no matter how blecchy life can get, there really are things to be happy about! Even if you have to make them up!! :))

I hope your day is going better. Just remember if you get the blues, the best thing to do is wash them in hot water with bleach :) They'll fade!! (I better clarify.. don't be taking a hot bath in bleach or anything, alright?)

Take good care of yourself today! Wishing you huge smiles and loads of peace!!!

G :)

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