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Printable self care

Printable self care

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Posted by Lost girl on October 11, 2000 at 20:24:43:

In Reply to: extreme self care? posted by bohemianne on October 09, 2000 at 04:19:37:

Anne--I printed out your post and put it next to my computer. I am in a long-distance relationship(it wasn't always long-distance), and since he moved, I have tried very hard to keep communication open by sending e-mails, e-cards, packages, etc. His return communication is pretty slim, although he tells me I'm his "one and only." He recently made a web site, which he said was to make friends with whom to go camping, etc. But when I saw the site, it reads totally like he's shopping for a girlfriend, not a climbing partner.

I have been totally devoted and committed to him; now I feel like he has been--and is--just stringing me along until he finds someone else.

Your post really struck a chord with me. I have spent so much time and energy trying to make him happy, I don't even know what makes me happy anymore. I guess it's time I found it again.

I know there is a smile here somewhere, it has just been dormant for a while. I need to find it and wake it up. Thanks for your post.

: There was this really interesting radio show the other night in my area regarding extreme self care.

: Basically the host talked about making sure that everybody takes time out of their lives to do things for themselves (not to be conceited or anything) but to do things that make you happy, or replenish you emotionally or physically. And he asked people to call in and talk about some things they already do or that they know they should do just for themselves.

: Most responses were the usual... more sleep, time to exercise, eating well. But what was interesting was that many callers revealed they didn't know what made them happy? They were so preoccupied with other things they never took the time to search for those things.

: I find that I usually get extremely depressed when I am alone or when I am with a group of people/friends (pretending that everything is OK sux) At school and work my mind is elsewhere. So today I decided to do something for me. I grabbed a sketched pad and a blanket, went to the park, and scribbled a bit. Ok, so I wasn't the happiest girl there... wished all the smoochy couples and testosterone teamsters would jump into the lake. But at least it killed a few hours in my day and I got some fresh air.... and I didnt have to act all peachy

: So my point is, do something for yourself, however miniscule... you deserve it. -Anne

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