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thanks Jody

thanks Jody

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Posted by Sandy on October 14, 2000 at 13:00:30:

In Reply to: Re: I can't believe this is my life. posted by Jody on October 14, 2000 at 10:32:34:


Thanks for listening and your prayers. I seriously just don't have any idea what-so-ever is going on here.

Nobody's telling me anything. All I know is I would never ask any of those people to leave their spouse in their time of need. I can't believe they don't have the same respect for the position I have in his life.

I mean everyone considered us a married couple except that we don't have it legally on paper. I mean I spent every moment of my life with this man for the past 6 years. We had an excellent relationship. I never thought in a million years that something like this could happen to tear us apart aside from death.

Everyone is in agreement that his daughter must stay in the house and this decision is being left to her. (No one is doubting that my care for him has been nothing but the best and yes they "thanked me tremendesly for the job I've done" but this is still not about my care which is what it should be - him not her)

Sure I could fight and fight and fight this and get my points across because I know I've never done anything to this girl. She won't even sit down and discuss things. You know what that means - because she knows she's wrong. I know that. I am trying to talk to these people and slowly - yes - they are changing their minds about what happened. But at this very moment there is still so much turmoil.

I mean this kid KNOWS what she's doing. This is the kind of thing she does best.

I cannot help that he is not the same dad she knew.

I don't know what to say. Go back into this chaos and let them blame me for something I had NOTHING to do with or just leave. I'm telling you I'm about to just leave because this is truly killing me. I can't sleep I can't eat all I do is cry. I just feel soooo very sad for him. I just can't believe this. How do you leave the man you love - the man who needs you?!?

I just can't take this. You have no idea.

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