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Addicted to the Internet

Addicted to the Internet

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Posted by Linda on October 17, 2000 at 21:59:38:

In Reply to: depression and the internet posted by one man's opinion on October 17, 2000 at 18:41:52:

: Folks. My experience with depression and internet use show a strong correlation. In fact spending no time online worked better than therapy(3 years), medication, self help books and support groups. I know that balance is a logical way of looking at things but in my case it doesn't work. Literature I browse through from time to time indicates the internet is a very isolating experience..much more so than talking on the phone. Anyone who suffers from depression is at a higher risk of social isolation and the internet simply can't fill that void. I used to think it could but I was terribly wrong. Again this is just my experience. Good luck to all!!!

This is JUST my personal opinion and personal exprience.
I just went back to work after a year and a half of being out for severe depression. I got my Webtv around January. It started out as an occassinal thing, then a hobby, then my LIFE!!!
I stopped talking on the phone, stopped visiting friends and family and had no desire to go anywhere. The first thing I did in the morning was turn on my webtv. And I stayed on until my eyes started watering and I couldn't focus anymore. I can honestly say that I spent almost every waking minute on the web.
I'm back to work now. I'm on a new med that's given me energy and motivation. I've just recently started to get in touch with friends again, and I'm beginning to start dealing with responsibilities.etc.,etc.,etc.,..................................................................I personaly feel that the internet can become a substitute for Life. BUT....there's a lot of good on the internet. (In small doses) Education, humor, information, and FRIENDS. I will always continue to keep in touch with my friends, who have always been there for me, and many times kept me SANE! And sometimes SAFE! I'll also continue to keep an eye on the board for people who need friends just like I did..............................................My advice to all of you who are spending most of your waking hours on the internet, PLEASE, with just little "baby steps", start limiting your time on the net and try to get out and enjoy the other good things in life. BUT come back and visit!
Internet Junkie,

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