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Another possible solution to depression

Another possible solution to depression

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Posted by laura on October 18, 2000 at 11:58:44:

To ya'll,
Depression is caused by many things. Spent last 15 years with thyroid disorder (since puberty). It was Hashimoto's that burnt out and flipped up to Graves Disease, resulting in me getting a big goiter removed from neck recently. Thyroid depression is a special kind of "nuts" (please excuse the cynic :)), not like SAD or Manic/Depressive. It messes with blood pressure, makes ya fat, makes ya tired, can make ya anxious, along with a bunch more exciting symptoms. Docs kept giving me prozac, immipramine, paxil, and a bunch of other crap that was wrong for addressing the problem. Don't get me wrong, those drugs can work great for people with different brain chemistry, but not in my case. Was misdiagnosed by several doctors, and docs still trying to psychiatrize me while thyroid hormone gets up to where its supposed to be. Point is, if your doc gives you depression drugs w/o first doing thyroid test, get a new doc. Thyroid is estimated to account for about 15% of people diagnosed with clinical depression. On top of all of this glorious stupidity, people take advantage of others who are in a desperate situation, ie: dad getting of on me on regular basis, me becoming everyone's "problem", family telling me that I just need to "fight it", "be strong". Friends couldn't "deal" with me. Don't get discouraged, because I recently discovered that most people (including several doctors) don't know what the heck they're talking about-- they were incorrect, wrong and/or incompetent. But, in a state of depression and/or anxiety, people look for outside comfort. What you usually get instead, is people taking advantage of a person (you) in a bad situation or cramming their useless opinion and advice down your throat. Controlling men love depressed women.
Lesson 1: I learned that everyone except a few, select professionals can kiss my patooty! Their opinion is but a mouse fart in the wind.
Lesson 2: I'd rather be alone than within 10 miles of a controlling man, or an incestuous father for that matter.
Lesson 3: I must be proactive (ie: do research and ask questions vigorously) when it comes to docs prescribing meds.
Lesson 4: There is an indecent number of incompetent doctors out there from every field and specialty. Lesson 5: Most friends find all this poop too emotionally overwhelming to handle, so I must find a professional if need more help.

This is just food for thought, of course, it is only my experience, and depression (as stated previously) has many causes. No pity party please. I also realize that poop happens, and that it usually stinks.

ps: thyroid fix is permanent when thyroid is removed--ie: no more poop:))

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