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Don't step in the poo...

Don't step in the poo...

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Posted by G. on October 18, 2000 at 17:42:37:

Guys! Moderator or no moderator... there's something very important to remember. Yep.. this is a public place... just like any other crowd. For the most part, people are going to be courteous and helpful... but it's a fact of life there are going to be those hellions that come running through... tossing garbage here and there and tossing out insults for their own twisted enjoyment. It's so easy to react to that... especially if it's a direct attack. Honestly, though... what good will that do? I seriously doubt if any of these posters will come back and say "Gosh, you know... I guess I really am being a butthead, and I'm terribly sorry.. whatever can I do to help correct my mistakes?" I think we're probably dealing with a relative maturity factor of approx. 13 (Although I know a lot of people this age or less that have considerably more compassion for human life)

Posting to a board such as this certainly leaves the door open to any kind of response... that's just the nature of the beast. It's necessary to take the good stuff for what it's worth and use what you can to your benefit. As far as the rest... just walk away from it. When you take a nice relaxing walk in the park, you don't deliberately step in the dog poo and then go get mad at the dog. You avoid it, right? You have to just avoid these posts... they speak for themselves.

You do what's best for yourself.. whether it's good advice from caring people, bad advice from caring people, good advice from buttheads, bad advice from buttheads.... take what you need.. nothing more !

And always remember.... Never criticize someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them... you're a mile away... and you have their shoes! :-)


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