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Re: Another possible solution to depression

Re: Another possible solution to depression

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Posted by Laura on October 19, 2000 at 12:40:26:

In Reply to: Re: Another possible solution to depression posted by Jan on October 18, 2000 at 14:17:06:

: I applaud your tenacity - what a long way you've come! Can you tell me how they finally found out that you had thyroid disorder? I've had the normal thyroid blood tests and they come back in the "normal" limits, however, I do think that some of my problems come from raging hormones. Any help would be appreciated.

What finally did it was that my thyroid eventually OVERcomphensated for the deficiency, which resulted in high blood pressure, goiter, rapid heart rate, frequent pooping, Extreme anxiety (ie: anti-anx drugs had NO effect). This resulted in chest pains, inability to go up stairs without losing breath, etc, etc-- called Hyperthyroidism. The prior 15 years had been spent with an UNDERACTIVE thyroid-- called HYPOthyroidism-- which causes depression, fatigue, weight gain, anxiety, hair loss, LOW heart rate and messed up blood pressure, etc, etc.

Hashimoto's thyroiditis causes HYPOthyroidism, and depression. However, the hormone can fluctuate, making depression and anxiety, etc worse sometimes, and better at other times. At age 18, I had a slightly enlarged thyroid and was slightly HYPO, but that was only ONE test, and once again, the hormone levels fluctuate. So the docs did NOTHING. The doctor needed to test for the pressence(sp?) of certain blood indicators of Hashimoto's-- antimicrobial and other autoimmune elements in the blood. Even then, Hashimoto's is only one condition that leads to HYPO, there are others as well. Finally, some people have extreme reactions to drops in thyroid hormone, while others not so extreme.
To sum up, its very complex and one blood test won't cut it. Have them test specifically for Hashimoto's, and for T4 and T3 blood protein levels, and then TSH levels. TSH is what kicks your thyroid into action. Thyroid then makes T4, which must then be made into T3 in the blood. Hashimoto's interferes with T4 step. So there's a lot that can go wrong here, and I think my GOOD doc did about 4 blood tests to confirm her diagnosis. My goiter (neck/thyroid enlargement) at that point was so huge that she couldn't help but notice. To understand all this, I bought a book called "The Thyroid Guide", and it has been invaluable.

Hope this helps-- Laura.

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