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Just checking in! My Serzone update.

Just checking in! My Serzone update.

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Posted by Linda on October 20, 2000 at 12:11:52:

Day 19 on Serzone. No side effects! :-}
It's a little hard to give an accurate effectiveness, when I have just started midnights a few days ago. My sleeping habits are off, and my daily routine revolves around how much sleep I get.
BUT! I continue to be a sociable person! I can talk a mile a minute and laugh and smile without feeling like I have to. My co-workers on afternoons miss me. (they make sure the coffee's on before I get there! :-} My co-workers on nights have been very friendly, and for a couple nights made sure I caught a "nap".

I'm in the process of putting my life back together. I finally got up enough nerve to go to the park office to see how far back I am in lot rent. (live in a mobile home) $5000.00 !!!I knew I owed a lot from being out of work, but not that much! So, with my newfound attention span, I'm going through mounds of cancelled checks to see why I owe so much. No easy feat, as I have just been tossing bills, letters, notices,etc. into boxes for the past year, because I was too depressed and couldn't concentrate anyway.

When I was doing research on Serzone, reading oodles of message boards, many say one temporary side effect is outbursts of anger. Happy to say that these have been few.

I run to the gas station now before I have to ask my neighbor if I can borrow her lawnmower gas! It's pretty sad when you don't even want to drive to the gas station. The only thing I fear when I go into department stores now, is spending too much money!

Two days ago I went to visit my best friend for the first time in months. She only lives a couple miles from me. When the tears stopped flowing, we had a great girl-to-girl chat, just like we use to.

Someone might ask why I'm posting when everyone else here is depressed. EXACTLY why I am posting! I came to this board ready to call it quits. And because someone else told me their success story with this drug, I decided to try it. Wish we had more success stories. (Think I posted that before, but worth mentioning again)

BUT I'm not in the position to recommend this drug to everyone. We're all different. (Or, as my boss recently told us: "We're all snowflakes. Each one different and unique. Each one of us just as beautiful" Serzone is recommended for people: feeling sad & blue.....loss of interest in former pleasures....feeling slowed down....feelings of worthlessness or guilt....loss of concentration,memory....problems with making decisions....sleep problems....loss of energy,tired all the time..aches & pains...anxiety....frequent thoughts of suicide...
If you have at least six of these symptoms daily, ask your doctor about Serzone!

Now, listen to me! I sound like a commercial!
Sorry,not a doc. Not a professional. Just someone who wants to share their success. (so far!)
Wish me future luck!

And I wish you all well.

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