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Re: my sister is sick and i can't help her

Re: my sister is sick and i can't help her

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Posted by Linda on October 22, 2000 at 17:35:02:

In Reply to: my sister is sick and i can't help her posted by Leah on October 22, 2000 at 16:49:21:

: Everyone in our family always thought that i was the only sibling who suffered from depression...but lately my sister has been freaking out and screaming and crying, she tells us she is going to kill herself. Just a few minutes ago she cut herself right in front of her boyfriend and threatened to kill herself....I don't know what to do...her depression is so different than mine...I used to hide my problems...but lately everything is so hectic....the doctor thinks she just has anger issues...but i'm worried that she is going to do something to hurt herself or someone else. I ask her to talk to me, i tell my mother when she seems really bad but she just threatens me and i get scared...i don't know what to do...

Dear Leah,
You're in a tough position. After all, she is your sister, and you want to help.
Do you both still live at home? How old is your sister? If she's approxamately 15 to 24, please read my post on teenage suicide. Both sites I listed had a lot of information that might be of help to understand what a young person is going through if they have some sort of emotional illness.
Actually, it helped me to get a better understanding of what young people feel just going through any type of stress, even if it isn't related to any illness.
Your sister is crying out for understanding for whatever reason she may have. If you feel she needs more help or advice than what you can give, try to encourage her to talk to a professional. I know this may not be easy, as not everyone will admit that they have a problem. If this is like banging your head against a brick wall, don't put any guilt on yourself. You have problems of your own to deal with. Just try as hard as you can to be understanding, and be there for her even if its just to listen to her or be a shoulder to cry on. There's only so much you can do.
If you need just some support to keep you calm, come here and talk. Or come here when your own problems are getting you down. There's ALWAYS someone here to listen.
There's ALWAYS hope.
Your friend,
ps: Obviously is there is an emergency situation, call 911, an ambulance, or police. No matter what she may say!

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