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Re: So tired!!!

Re: So tired!!!

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Posted by G :) on October 24, 2000 at 17:12:47:

In Reply to: So tired!!! posted by Jon on October 24, 2000 at 16:42:03:

Hi Jon,

How are you sleeping? I don't mean.. like.. on your back, or on your side, or on your head, or in a closet or anything like that. I mean, do you toss and turn... sleep lightly...that sort of thing? I don't know much about Zoloft and if that's contributing to this or not, but I do know that a lack of 'deep sleep' can contribute to that 'never can get enough' sleep feeling. This stage of sleep is where the body truly gets it's recharge, and if you're not getting enough... or any for that matter... then you'll feel wiped out all the time. Trazadone is one drug that is sometimes used to help people with depression increase that level of deep sleep. You will certainly want to let your physician know that you are feeling extremely tired, to see what they recommend. Non drug things that can help the quality of sleep: Regular exercise - Try to avoid too much aerobic exercise in the evening as that can actually inhibit sleep. Strength training in the later hours, however, can actually contribute to quality sleep. A warm bath before bed is sometimes recommended. It makes for a really bad hair day the next day, but... what the heck. Keep yourself hydrated adequately.. that's very important too (but don't drink your bath water). Keep the room dark and at a comfortable temperature... limiting any distractions that may disturb your sleep... such as a drippy faucet, or a pet that hogs your pillow, or a neighbor that jackhammers in their sleep. Keep regular sleeping times too. Go to bed and wake up at the same times everyday. Well.. not at the same time...that wouldn't make much sense... but you know what I mean. Even if you're wiped out when you get up... do your best to get through the day with your regular routine, and get to sleep at the same time. I've heard that power naps (not much more than 20-30 minutes) can be very helpful, but if you go much longer than that... that can interfere with the quality of your nightime sleep. Anyway... some things to think about. First though, consult with your physician and get their recommendation. You'll want to be sure there isn't something physically wrong with you that is causing your lack of energy as well.

My best to you, and don't let the bed bugs bite!
G :)

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