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Re: Feeling So Alone and Friendless...

Re: Feeling So Alone and Friendless...

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Posted by G. on October 27, 2000 at 15:54:45:

In Reply to: Feeling So Alone and Friendless... posted by Lisa on October 27, 2000 at 04:12:59:

Hey Lisa!

You are SO not alone! I completely understand... I grew up the same way... feeling disconnected for many of the same reasons you mention.. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, sleep around, and I try not to cuss unless I stub my toe really bad... then I usually blow up and say "DARN". The other part of me didn't want to look down on any of these people either... that's just who they were, and I didn't want to feel like I was any better or worse than them. It still bothered me a lot growing up, and I felt uncomfortable in many situations. Like you, I tried to help and 'be' a good friend... but it didn't always seem like people wanted to do the same back. That really leaves you with an empty feeling. Gosh Lisa, you aren't alone. You should be proud of who you are and what you like, or don't like, to do. I finally reached a point where it really didn't honestly matter to me anymore what people thought of me. I wasn't going to be stuck up or anything, but I would just politely do my own thing. I know I'm not the majority either.. and that alone makes me feel kind of unique (not better.. just unique) and I like that. Most guys my age go out for beers, and talk about sports and hunting. Nothing I'm the least bit interested in. I'd much rather be jumping a pile of leaves, or playing video games with the kids, or rockin out to some good tunes.

One thing I always thought was funny... I've been out to bars with people who know I didn't drink. The funny thing was... they seemed to be more uncomfortable about it, than me... almost to the point of asking me if it was okay that they drink. In grade school, one of my classmates swore and I was standing there... and he apologized to me for swearing! Nice of him, I guess.. but kind of silly.. do I look like God?? What are you apologizing to me?

Anyway..we're all just a bunch of dopey humans. Be proud of who you are.. stand tall. Because you are different, doesn't mean you don't fit in. When you take your own space with you wherever you go, you'll always fit in !! If people only like you for what you do, and not who you are, then they are missing the point completely. Just be yourself Lisa! That's the only way to go... no matter what anyone else thinks :-)

So.. enjoy that ice cream. Enjoy that movie. Walk through the mall blowing bubbles with bubble gum. I do! Enjoy what you enjoy and be YOU. The rest will fall into place :)

Keep smiling Lisa!
From the kid in all of us!!
G. :)

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