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Re: very depressed, too young..

Re: very depressed, too young..

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Posted by Candace on October 28, 2000 at 21:03:35:

In Reply to: very depressed, too young.. posted by crystal on October 28, 2000 at 20:16:29:

: Well i am 17 years old, and i have been lazy all my life,i dropped out of high school almost 3 years ago, my parents just let me be free which i think was a mistake, i have a very high jeaoulosy problem with my sibling, my friends, and other various ppl who have what i have not. i also hurt my self alot, i just get so mad at myself i cant bare to look at my face anymore, i let myself down to much, and i let the other people around me down too. I was always ignored my whole life i think, never enuff attention. I try to make people smile, and to see everyone else happy is a good thing. but i can never seem to make myself happy. im soo thick headed. and were to poor i guess you could say for me to afford to be helped with what i need help with. and we make to much money to go on welfare. were the lucky people who get stuck in the middle. i find myself on my floor crying all the time. and i just want to find sumone who has some good sugestions or sum answers for me. and they always tell me that im too young to feel this way, when i look 20 and feel it too. i grew up to fast. my life is getting shorter and shorter, and i dont know how much longer i can stand myself. i take test's all the time and they say that im severaly depressed.. etc. So please, anyone who has any info to help me on my mission to just be a happy normal person, please get back to me. thanks.. Crystal in Rhode Island

Crystal--my heart breaks for you... I will be praying for you. Perhaps you don't believe in Jesus--but I do, and I have a reason to. Pray works. I prayed faithfully and was blessed with faithful friends who did the same and now I'm finally escaping it... the depression, the self-hatred... always being alone and always feeling hated when most of the time I was being loved. Do you have a bible Crystal? If you do, read a chapter of Psalms everday, don't demand that He does anything nor really expect Him to. Realize that He created it all, He's holding the hold world, your whole world, all you pain and hurt in His hands. He want to carry it for you. There are a million things that we never understand but He is there. If you will be faithful, read one chapter, the chapter of the day or something (it's the 28th, read the 28th psalm) and pray, just a simple prayer--ask Him to give you faith. He WILL do amazing things in your life. You may not believe it but I challenge you to come and taste. For you will never know if you do not taste my Jesus. He is sweet... and through the sight He gives all this pain and messed up stuff in the world finally makes sense. At last my heart can lay in peace. At last I am safe, and free. Though the whole world (my own self as well!) turn against me, I have no reason to fear--He, the creator of the universe, the Lord of eternity, Prince of Peace is on my side! When you stand there in faith (believing without proof, without seeing--simplicity, like a child listening to her mother when told the street is dangerous) before Him and seek Him consistently, He will reveal Himself. Seek Him out--He will amaze you, He is so much more than we can ever even comprehend. I know this might be offensive, but I can't sit back and know that if I share, you too might be free. If you completely disagree--I just challenge you to seek Him out. Prove me wrong. He is faithful. God bless you Crystal, I will pray that He reveals Himself to you and wraps you up in His arms of love, calming your soul and bringing you peace. --Candace

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