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Re: NOT all women...

Re: NOT all women...

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Posted by Terry on October 30, 2000 at 14:57:21:

In Reply to: NOT all women... posted by Kathrin on October 28, 2000 at 16:51:43:

: Dear Tired
: not ALL women want a "confident man", I don't agree withy Grace, sorry Grace..... Actually myself right now i could not imagine being in any kind of relationship, i hvae too many other things to deal with. But IF I wanted a man probably i would choose somebody who is different, who is maybe a little bit scared of the world because this world is so confusing, who is not a macho type and who knows rejection and who is deep and emotional and FEELS things and can laugh and cry with me... I think I would want somebody who was rejected by his peers because otherwise he was probably one of those who reject others.... I mnean I don't KNOW who i will finally really fall in love with (if i will at all), but right now if you asked me what kind of man I would like I think I would go for those who are rejected by the rest of the world.
: You know this society is pretty screwed up. Well YOU know that i guess. Oh I remember middle school, even high school... I remember that you sort of HAD to fit in... oh and how I wanted to fit in! I tried so hard. But they knew I tried, and the more I tried, the less they would let me.
: I tried and tried but i was rejected and rejected.
: I was so sad. I thought, these are supoosed to be my teenage years, I am supposed to have fun, why don't they let me????
: I was very sad.
: I changed to High School and thought everything was going to change, but the thing was, I was so INSECURE I could not even look into somebody's eyes without thinking "Oh he/she must think I am ugly now".
: So of course i had problems again.
: Until I started not caring about it anymore.
: I started looking for other things.
: I spent recession time with a shy girl from another class.
: And oh miracle my self-esteem got better and i even made friends with some girls in my class.
: I started dreaming and writing lots of poetry. Writing songs.
: I started thinking a lot about how this society is screwed up and how I could help change things and hoe i could help fight for all those who are rejected and insecure.
: I became myself.

: I am now single and yes I still have some problems sometimes, but I am very very intense and I feel deeply and I help a lot of people.
: I talk to the lonely homeless sometimes and can feel for them.
: Because i know rejection.
: I wriote songs and I perfrom them in cafes and in the street when I need some cash.
: I sing about feelings. Good feelings and sad feelings.

: I do not regret having been rejected a lot.
: I think it helped me grow.

: Ok you say depression is not the cause, rejection is the cause.
: But dear Tired, you can turn this whole thing around and use it for GROWTH!
: No you don't have to end up a mass murderer or terroirist or anything like that. You don't have to kill yourself eiother.
: Actually i don't WANT you, especially you, to lkill yourself.
: If all the rejected just killed themselves, what would the world become? The world needs us!!!!!
: Very very much.

: Become yourself.
: Write a poem, write a song, dress the way YOU like it, talk to the people you feel comfortable with, and do not worry about notnhaving had a girlfriend yet.
: I have long stopped worrying about that.
: I think now that i am better off than a lot of people who have had it a lot easier.
: Not having it that easy makes you grow more.


: Kathrin

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