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I have the same problem

I have the same problem

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Posted by Sir Lipton on November 08, 2000 at 16:02:02:

In Reply to: Still Seeking Solution; New members, please read posted by Lo on November 08, 2000 at 13:28:41:

If you figure out the trick to meeting friends, please let me know! I have the exact same problem that you do, but I can't meet any guys either. I'm extremely outgoing, and I'm really nice, and I'm decent-looking, etc, but I have one friend in the whole world. We met during high school, and she's the only person who hasn't ended up hating me. She has a ton of other friends, and she doesn't really talk to me that much, but all throughout high school, in my classes now at college (I go to a community college), and at work, w/ every single employee, I can't make any friends. I always see these people who are a lot like me, and I think they're cool, they think I'm pretty cool, but still no friends. I always gave myself excuses, too, like I'm younger, or I'm new here (which were my work ones), but when I was in junior high, I had absolutely no friends, and every day, when I got home from school, my mom would ask me why I had no friends, why I wasn't popular, why everyone hated me, why I couldn't be like my younger sister, who was extremely popular, and dad and sister would ask (and my dad was an abusive a*hole, which made everything worse). then in high school, I made a lot of friends my freshman year, then one friend started spreading rumors about me, then that entire group (which I was the center of, too!) started hating me, and that was my excuse during high school as to why I didn't have any friends. it's as if people meet me, then just lose interest. At my work now, I started at the same time as a lot of people, and I got promoted ahead of everyone, and no one there really likes me. All the management and employees get along great except for me. People don't dislike me, but they don't like me enough to be my friend, either. I was hospitalized once, and there was a group of us who went through therapy together, and I kept talking about how I didn't have any friends, and they all told me that they thought that I was cool, and they considered me a friend, and this lasted for about a day, then everyone else in the group became really close, kept in touch, etc, and lost interest in me, even though I put out an effort like talking to everyone... What's really bad is that it's starting to happen w/ my family, now that we're all adults. They all think I'm too boring to talk to whenever I go to visit. Whenever we get together for a holiday, they ignore me. My older aunts will sit there and talk to my sister or my cousins, and no one will talk to me. If you figure out something that works, let me know! Thanks.
I didn't know that this was so long! If you made it to the bottom w/out getting bored, thanks!

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