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Re: last chance

Re: last chance

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Posted by Jan on November 20, 2000 at 04:05:36:

In Reply to: Re: last chance posted by Kathrin on November 20, 2000 at 03:30:00:

: Gosh this is a hard one to answer over the net... is this really depression? Do you some of the typical symptoms of depression, like feeling down and hopeless, low or no motivation, loss of interest and/or enjoyment, changes in sleeping and/or eating?
: You do sound like you have not too much hope left, and i really do want to encourage you. I have heard from peopel that i know that they overcame depression after even many many years of suffering. It might just be the matter of the right medication. Maybe you haven't found the right one yet? Maybe you should try to switch doctors again, or ask for a different medication?

: One thing is really important: it sounds like you are, at times, suicidal. You say sometimes when it gets really bad, death seems like the only way to go. Please know that feeling suicidal IS a symptom of depression,a nd it is what can makes depression a life-threatening illness. Please know where to call for help when you get to such a down point, have the numbers of crisis lines ready, a national one in the US is 1-800-SUICIDE,; there are many local ones too. Also when you feel you are acutely not safe from yourself, you should call 911 immediately. Depression distorts your thinking, never forget that, and suicide may seem like the answer, but it is NOT! Please don't give up. People who are suicidal need new ways to cope with the pain, and for this you don't have to take your own life. There are ALWAYS ways.
: Please go to the website
: Also, when you get to such a crisis point, tell yourself to wait at least a week and then re-judge the situation. Things often look very different within a short time.

: Dan, please keep posting. If you need somebody to talk to, you can also email me at [email protected]

: The important thing is, please don't give up.
: There is always hope.
: Let us know how you are doing ok?

: kathrin

hi kathrin jan here thank-you for replying to me, in answer to your questions, i do get very down have no motivation, i take sleeping pills just to get some sleep, i lose my temper in a way that is disgraceful and then feel sooooo guilty afterwards, but although maybe now i may be depressed but is this not an extension of something else, something physical or are all these syptoms depression. i was in my own garden a little while back and collapsed my husband called our doc who told him to call an ambulance he did this but by the time the ambulance arrived my doc had to, he told them i had hyperventilated, how could i, the only places i feel comfortable is in my own home, the paramedics looked v concerned but the doc signed a form saying they did not need to take me. he also told them my pulse & blood pressure where ok, he had'nt even taken them.
i do get suicidal, then guilty afterwards.
once again thank-you for replying

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