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Re: You make alot of sense.......

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Posted by Tired on November 20, 2000 at 20:49:44:

In Reply to: Re: You make alot of sense....... posted by Kathy on November 20, 2000 at 11:17:46:

I don't believe that women are attracted to only rich men or good looking men. Women like "dominant" men and most rich and good looking men are "dominant" because of their high level of confidence in their "ability" to attract women. A guy who is lees attractive and wealthy can be funny and charismatic, but there MUST be personality trait that offsets the lack of physical appearance.

I know that it all boils down to sexual "chemistry" and obviously women aren't going to the feel sexual "chemistry" with a virgin than they would with a more experienced male. The virgin wouldn't be a virgin if a lot of women felt sexual "chemistry" with them. I am pretty angry that you and most other women are the same in this area. How come you couldn't talk to your friend? Why couldn't you try? Maybe if you kissed him or something the sexual "chemistry" would emerge. I hate the fact that you said this because the truth hurts. I also disagree with you about the number of "sexy" male virgins out there. The vast majority of men my age AREN'T virgins (probably more than 90%). About 80% of these guys are religious fanatics. If the virgins you knew were so sexy, then you or some other girl they liked would have FELT "chemistry" with them. Unfortunately I don't give women that "tingle" in there belly (unless they are on the low end of the physical spectrum). I've known a couple of women who were very compatible with me, but I just didn't give them the tingle in their belly that they need to feel. I don't see how reading a book will make the woman I love get the "tingle" in her belly. I'm angry as sh-t right now, and I want to say f-ck all women.

I'm not sure if I believe in romantic love anyway maybe. It seems like the feeling women need to FEEL is more sexual (which usually occurs with the same guys) than friendship.

You claim that I have soured my aura because of my bitterness, but what about all of the years I wasn't bitter and I actually thought that I would be with someone I wanted one day. I belived the cliche that "there's someone for everyone", but the truth is that some guys have a lot more "someone's" than me. I can't help but feel angry and bitter as I have watched the women that I was closest to, fall for a guy they barely knew while they put me in the back seat. What upsets me even more is that some of the guys were "players" with good "game" who derived the same reaction from so many women. My female "friends" would believe that they had something special between them, when it was simply the guys ability to create this feeling in many women. What I had with them was "real", but they needed to f-cking "FEEL SOMETHING" LIKE they felt with the smooth charming guy who many other women like.

No women (and most men) can relate to my experiences . Women are too different to understand my situation. The fact is if a women is an attractive virgin, then it's probably because she rejects every guy that talks to her (or super religious). A guy will be a virgin if he's rejected by ecery woman he tries to be with (or super religious. The attitudes toward female virginity are different in our society. Men would ideally want to be there woman's first, while women want to be there man's last. Most experienced women don't want to sleep with a 23 year old virgin because he "won't know what he's doing". The assumption is that if a nice looking guy never has a girlfriend then women will think that there must be something else "wrong" with him. If an attractive woman has never had sex its because she has high "moral" standards, not because something's wrong with her.

I'll just have to buy escorts if I want to ever have sex even though this isn't going to make me happier. I'd feel better doing that than using some poor desperate girl for my selfish purposes.

My biggest fear is that I'm on a pace to commit suicide in the distant future. Nothing in life will really matter if you never have anyone to share it with. I don't care how much "self-love" you have it always feel better to know that someone you "love" feels the same way about you. I don't feel that people are better off by themselves, and yet I see no indication that I will be "in love" with someone in the near or distant future. I have lost all hope in this area of my life, which makes many other aspects of life insignificant to me. My only other choice is to be with someone because I can, since I know that I won't be with someone I want.

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