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Re: Suicide?

Re: Suicide?

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Posted by Kathrin on November 23, 2000 at 22:04:57:

In Reply to: Suicide? posted by Jen on November 23, 2000 at 20:15:21:

Dear Jen
I am sorry to hear you are feeling so sad. You say you don't want to die, you want the pain to end. You have to hold on to this thought! Depresison plays games with your mind, it makes you think distorted thoguhts, it makes you feel hopeless. But there IS hope. And there ARE ways to stop the pain that do not involve taking your own life. There are ways to choose LIFE, not death.
I am really glad you posted here, because people here offer a lot of support.

Jen, YOU have to be prepared for the case that the urge to commit suicide takes over. You know you don't really want to die, but you also know that your depression sometimes makes you THINK and FEEL you want to.
You need to be ready to fight this urge.
I call this a survival plan. You should write down the following things:
- Number to call, crisis lines, and people you trust
- Write down a few things that you enjoy when you are not depressed, or enjoyed before you got depressed, and write: I may not enjoy them right now, because I am depressed, but they will make me happy again some day.
- The following websites:
- the following VERY important thought: ALWAYS wait at least a week if there is a crisis and then re-evaluate the situation. In a week's time, a lot may change. And make sure to ask for help in the meantime.
- "I need to find new coping strategies, not take my life."

Jen. This is a list for when you feel a crisis coming up. However, the first best thing to do is ALWAYS to call somebody IMMEDIATELY if you are suicidal. Call 911 (if you are in ths US, otherwise your emergency). You can also call a crisis line, like in the US 1-800-SUICIDE, but there are many local ones, in the phone book.

You ask how to prepare your parents. Do they know you are suicidal? If not, yes you should tell them, because then they will know better how to help you in a crisis situation, they know that you have been feeling suicidal and that there is that danger. You need to talk to somebody especially during the crisis, but also before it gets that far.

In times when you are suicidal, I have this book on depression that gives tipds how to ask for help. it says to say, for example: "
"I am not feeling safe right now. Can we talk about how I feel?"
"I need to talk about the way I have been feeling lately. I'm having thoughts about dying, and i want them to stop."
For example.

And Jen: It is very important that you know that it WILL get better. I have had times when I thought it would never get better, and then things turned around again 100%... things cange! There is hope, Jen.
PLEASE keep posting here.
We want to help.


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