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Posted by Phil Ratte' PE on December 20, 1999 at 15:41:12:

In Reply to: Can anyone help me please posted by Crackers on December 02, 1999 at 12:24:22:

: I had back surgery in June and don't seem to be
healing, My husband seems to think I might have
diabetes because he checked my sugar level with
his machine and it was 250. I am thristy all the
time and have to frequently urinate also I have
boils that just won't heal. My feet are numb but
I thought it was due to surgery , the nerves in
my back aren't healing right and now I find out
: the nerve in my neck and right hand is messed
up. are these signs of diabetes???? I went to
take the fasting test today but won't know
anything for a few days thought maybe someone
could give me more information. I would
appreciate any help .

Hello Crackers!

One of the basic causes of diabetes is acidosis
caused by your diet, prescriptions drugs, stress
(from your surgery), etc. Suggest you read the
book DEATH BY DIET by Robert Barefoot found on or Barnes & There is an
excellent Chinese Herbal Remedy Yu Xiao San 8805
that you can look up on the internet. I am not
connected to any of the above financially.
Please feel free to contact me for some more
natural remedies. Be careful, the Journal of
American Medical Association (JAMA) reported last year that prescription drugs killed over 100,000
patients last year and seriously injured 2.1
million more. Go to:

Prescription drugs are proven killers. Live foods are proven healers. First, get enough oxygen, water, and sunshine. Oxygen-walk for 20 minutes twice a day, Water-drink 1 ounce of pure water for each 2 lbs of body weight per day, and Sunshine-get out in the sunshine for l hour a day without glasses. Then eat plenty of raw, live foods.

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