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Posted by Danielle on September 19, 2000 at 14:36:52:

In Reply to: Re: Concerned about mother's weight loss posted by Kevin on September 19, 2000 at 08:38:34:

: : My elderly mother is a Type 2 diabetic which is under control with diet and medication. However, since she was diagnosed with diabetes she has continously lost weight. She's beginning to look like just skin and bones. I'm very concerned about her and wonder if anyone has any suggestions of what I might add to her diet to help her gain. I have tried most of the nutritional suppements such as Boost, Ensure, etc. but don't know if they are helping very much. Any suggestions?
: How's your mother's blood sugar doing with all the weight loss? Are you averaging all her numbers per meals, before and after? Is she experiencing many low numbers now between 65 & 90? She just might be obsessed now that she has been diagnosed with type 2 as many of us are or were. Is your Mother seeing a specialist? There are many new facilities opening around the country that specialize for the diabetic, including in these wonderful new offices are nutritionists and dietitians. I suggest
: you seek out a diabetic specialists as I have and get your mother back in control of her life. Make a weekly menu planner for all days of the week, including all her daily meals. This way you know that over a 7 day period how to balance out all the carbs, protiens, veges and fruits. Take the guess work out day to day. And it's so much easier shopping just once for the entire week. By the way, now that your mom has lost so much weight, has her doctor modified her meds? You must go to a diabetic
: specialist and seek out the real answers.
: good luck

Kevin, thank you for answering.
No, mother is not seeing a diabetic specialist. We live in a small town and do not have one here.She is being treated by an Internist, and not a vey good one at that.I am serously considering taking her to the Mayo Clinic for an evualation. Not just for the diabetes, but for other health problems as well.
Even with mother's weight loss her sugar is staying within normal range. I plan and prepare her meals and see that she gets that she is suppose to have. One thing I am wondering.. what do you think about diet drinks and sweet potatoes? Are they okay? She likes diet sprite, and an occasional cola. Also, what type bread would you recommend? Thanks again.

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