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Posted by Debra on November 01, 2000 at 23:45:46:

In Reply to: Uncontrolled sugar and mood / impotenance posted by MrSylow on May 31, 2000 at 16:31:26:

: Okay, some background as I am new here. I am a 41yo male. I was diagnosed 8 years ago with Type II. After a month I got my levels under control. For the next 7 years I had a few bouts of high readings, never above 300 and then only every 3-4 months. I was off meds altogether and was able to consume what I wanted for years. My 1st wife left in 12/97. This was actually a good thing as she was nuts. I have full custody of my daughter.

: I started dating in 3/99 to a wonderful woman who is now my wife. Our sex life was tremendous (1 - 4 hours at a time, 4 - 6 times a week). Beginning in August 1999 my readings increased from the 80 - 100 range to the 100 - 130 range. September they moved into the 120 - 160 range and I began having some erection problems about 10% of the time. I was put on Viagra and this helped. In October the readings went to the 175-225 range and was put on 70/30. For a variaety of reasons I gave myself a month to get things under control. By November the readings were in the 200-300 range with some days normal. By now it was apparant that my pancreas no longer functioned. The impotenance rate went to around 25%, but began to experience premature ejaculation. Work also suffered. Beginning in January, 2000 I was experiencing premature ejaculation or no erection 75% of the time. My sugars also were in the 200-400 range. The last 4 weeks they have been in the 30 - 650 range. I have been confused, angry, fatigued, lethargic, work has suffered, depressed, fairly incoherent, forgetful, unable to make decisions, have not laughed at all, sleep disturbance (upwards of 3 full days without sleep), became ultra-passive, dehydrated, lost 15 pounds (200 to 185), and unable to get an erection.

: I was recently put on NPH and sliding scale regular. My sugars have been in the 120 - 185 range for about 4 days and feel much better. I have made a bunch of appointments with opthomologist, urologist, endocrinologist, diabetic psychiatrist, nutrionist, and GP.

: The question is: to what degree does my uncontrolled sugars play in the sexual and behavioral problems? I never experienced them before this.

: Thank you

I have been looking for someone who has mood troubles with all the other wonderful things this disease brings My boyfriend has changed drasticly in the last few months he says it is his sugars but i just see a very angry man who gets upset at the strangest things. Did a diabetic shrink help you out any? I wan't to marry this guy someday but not if his anger is going to turn into rage..

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