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Re: Protein Diet Makes me puke

Re: Protein Diet Makes me puke

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Posted by Don't Puke!!!! on September 08, 2000 at 11:47:42:

In Reply to: Re: Protein Diet Makes me puke posted by Sick to my stomach on September 03, 2000 at 21:51:05:

: : : Hi. I recently went on a high protein diet. I tried it once, and vomited the next day, and gave up. I am now
: : : tryin it again. I am on my third day. Yesterday, I vomited, today, I feel very quezy. A little bit about myself,
: : : I am very active. I run, and exercize on a regular basis. Before I started the high protein diet, I consumed
: : : tons and tons of carbs. Is my body going into shock, or could I have a sugar problem. Thanks!
: : : - Jodi

: : What kind of protein are you eating? The real thing (meat, eggs, cheese, etc.) or some powdered concoction? I can't recommend the powdered stuff, at least not as your primary source of protein. It may be ok as an occasional supplement, but there is no real substitute for meat. If you are eating the real thing, and still having problems, you may want to ease into it by just giving up the sugars and cutting back on the starch at first and gradually increasing protein intake. Also, have you had a checkup with bloodwork recently to ensure that you don't have some underlying problem? Alan S.

: : Jodi, I also vomited when I went on the Atkins diet. I was on it for 1 week & was unable to eat anything without vomiting. I was eating salads, steak, fish, chicken & lots of cheese. The only good thing that I can say about this diet is that once you are done with it, you don't want to eat any of that fatting food for a LONG time!! I'm still looking for that "quick fix" diet. Hoping that this board may help. Good luck to you on your quest!
If you have trouble eating salad, green beans all meat and cheeses, tuna and all types of fish then I think you need to see a doctor. The only things a high protein diet forbids are white flour, sugar , high carb things like potatoes, noodles , corn, rice, dried beans,I eat whole wheat pasta, whole wheat crackers, tuna and shrimp salads, boiled eggs and egg salad--these shouldn't make ya puke. There are very few things ya can't eat. Do you have a gall bladder problem? Something has to be wrong. {Please get a check up right away) Good Luck, and take care of yourself! In Six months I have lost 78 pounds on this diet under close doctor supervision. I went to my class reunion and not one person knew who I was. I went from a size 24 dress to a 12.

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