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Re: Studies show improved health and weight loss on a high fat / low carb diet

Re: Studies show improved health and weight loss on a high fat / low carb diet

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Posted by Alan S. on September 09, 2000 at 15:37:07:

In Reply to: Re: Studies show improved health and weight loss on a high fat / low carb diet posted by Laura on September 09, 2000 at 12:52:18:

: Did you read the part about the fruit and vegetable requirements? Could the antioxidant power of these counteract the effects of extreme consumption of saturated fats?
: How long was the study? What are the long-term implications of such a diet? Is a sample of 157 diabetics representative of the entire population?

: Maybe it's right, maybe it's wrong. More than likely, it's somewhere in the middle.
: My main point is that medical knowledge is evolving, and theories change, and to make a statement like "this would apply to anyone", and "saturated fat is good", seems very pretentious and close-minded.

: Please continue to follow new developments and studies with an open mind.
: : See the attached link for a summary of the studies. The studies were done on diabetics, but this would apply to anyone that is overweight. This just backs up what Dr. Atkins, Dr. Eades, and Dr. Bernstein have been saying all along. The conclusion: Low carb diets are good. Saturated fat is good too. Any comments? Alan S.

: :

I may have stated that a little strongly when I said "this would apply to anyone that is overweight." What I should have said is "this would apply to most that are overweight." There are always exceptions to the rule, but from the information that I have gathered, there is a link between obesity and Type II diabetes (most Type II diabetics are also overweight), and that is the excessive consumption of sugars and starches that are so prevalent in the American diet today. I do stand by my assertion that saturated fats are good though, at least compared to simple carbohydrates and the polyunsaturated fats extracted from vegetable sources. Saturated fats are a natural component of any predators' or hunter-gatherers' diet. Corn oil and cottenseed oil is not. Also, saturated fats are stable, unsaturated fats are not (vegetable oils readily go rancid without the addition of Vitamin E, which is an anti-oxident, to contain the free radicals). And I have no problem with fruits and vegetables, as long as they are of the low sugar and low starch type. These provide many beneficial anti-oxidents, although fewer anti-oxidents are needed if you don't consume products that create the free radicals in the first place. Alan S.

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