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I totally agree!!!

I totally agree!!!

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Posted by Lydia on September 25, 2000 at 11:08:37:

In Reply to: Really? posted by David M on September 25, 2000 at 07:34:03:

If you watch what you eat, and exercise, you WILL lose weight. Period.

I agree that it's a phychological thing..people feel they NEED a pill or potion because they "can't" do it on their own. Then when they fail, they blame the didn't work, it wasn't strong they search for something else. I think people don't want to take real responsibility for themselves and their health.

I mean, come on...I've seen the Meridia commercials...side effects: bloating, gas, gas with oily discharge, frequent bowel movements and possibly with uncontrollable frequency. This is healthy?? this is what people will stoop to? Gas with oily discharge?? are they serious?

I used to do the same darn thing (pills). But no more. I've lost 63lbs and kept it off for 4 years. And it only took me 5 months! Was is hard, yes, at first, but by the second week it was like second nature. Did I cheat, Yes, but in moderation. One can not live on veggies alone.

Amen David! Finally someone is making sense on here. And congratulations on your 55lb weight loss.

: : What is wrong with you people?

: : Get off the computer, get off the couch, and get some air and exercise!

: : Get those endorphens going..and you'll feel SO much better! That kind of "feel good" doesn't come in a bottle!

: : Look at this board...seriously LOOK at it..

: : Has anyone tried this, has anyone tried that, careful of this one, careful of that one...etc.

: : It's sad! everyone is trying to take a short-cut, and the only ones benefitting..are the pharmaceutical companies!!

: That's EXACTLY how I lost 55 pounds, imagine that!

: Eating right and exercise alone WILL do it. Once I made it across the psychological hurdle the rest was easy. As long as you let your mind tell you that you can't or that you "need" diet pills to succeed you will forever stay in this loop!

: Look DEEP within yourself and you will find the answer....
: hint:it's not in the form of a pill, powder, or potion!

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