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Re: to alan

Re: to alan

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Posted by Alan S. on October 07, 2000 at 01:42:58:

In Reply to: to alan posted by carb/fat/protein eater on October 03, 2000 at 12:53:33:

: Alan,

: I'm sure you are a healthy, bright person, and likely have a great diet, but I do think you need to fully understand what a carbohydrate is. Like you mentioned, there are only 3 types of foods - fat, carbs and protein. Live WITHOUT ANY of them and you will indeed die. Your body absolutely REQUIRES carbohydrates - especially when your diet is so high in protein. A bi-product of carbohydrate is REQUIRED for your body to be able to break down ANY protein. Perhaps you've heard the word ketosis? (If you are on Atkins - you probably have.) Ketosis among other things can eventually kill you - kidney failure being one major way. I don't begrudge you saying your diet is a healthy one - and true - people can live without the simple carbs such as sugar and grains - even the starchy ones such as potatoes and refined pasta. But if you are eating any vegetables at all you are getting carbohydrates. Don't kid yourself and maybe do a little reading. Good luck to you. pc

Huh? Where did you get your info? You need to go back and read biochemistry 101. The production of ketones is a byproduct of fat metabolism. Ketones are used by the brain as fuel in the absence of glucose, i.e. carbs. Ketosis will not kill you. The only concern that I am aware of is diabetic ketoacidosis. This is where there is high blood sugar levels combined with high ketone levels due to a diabetics inability to process the blood glucose. This is not related or relevant to the Atkins diet which restricts carbohydrate intake and hence blood glucose levels. Are you aware that epiliptic children are often treated by putting them on a ketogenic diet? Apparently not. The stay on this diet for years without an ill effects. Sorry to get so defensive, but I get tired of having to refute these unsubstantiated claims. I have read much on this topic, apparently much more than you have. I repeat my previous assertion that the human body can funtion just fine without ANY (ZERO) carbohydrates. Just like a lion, or tiger, or wolf, or any other predator does on their meat only diets. If you have some hard facts to back up your assertions, I would like to see them. Alan S.

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