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Re: response to liz - to that other angry person

Re: response to liz - to that other angry person

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Posted by blue on October 15, 2000 at 14:34:47:

In Reply to: Re: response to liz posted by Who do you think YOU are? TO BLUE on October 15, 2000 at 11:31:20:

: : : : : I have been reading the message boards during my free time. I just seem to notice that everytime you post something here, it's always negative and you're always attacking someone. Maybe you should get a life huh? Save your anger and put it into something more positive, like kickboxing? Perhaps that could help lose your 10 extra pounds. I repeat, grow up and stop being too crabby. We're all adults here.

: : : : And maybe you could make a living selling products that actually work instead of scamming people.

: : :
: : : You mistook me for someone else, Liz. I am a bariatric physician. I recommend some products that are out there. You may need some of these products, better yet, maybe you should really consider anger management, but then again, that's not my line of work. Good luck on being angry.

: :
: : : EVERYONE, BEWARE OF THIS LIZ PERSON, SHE'S DANGEROUS!! Nobody cares what you think, no one cares about you or your attempts at weight loss. You're way to angry to be on this board. Yes, the doctor Mark was right on - Anger Management is your answer, then maybe you will lose weight, get rid of that extra burden of anger you are carrying. Grow up, nobody wants you in this board.

: Um...excuse me, but BLUE...who died and made YOU the weightloss guru? If you don't want to hear what this Liz person has to say...then DON'T read her posts. The way I see it, you aren't ANY better than her with the comments you made. Perhaps you should look into a little anger management yourself. Maybe you AND Liz could get a group rate or something.

Made those comments because I noticed that people on this board were all bickering at one another. I noticed that Liz made a lot of negative posts. It's just not fair that people who have good intentions in sharing their opinions have been attacked by Liz. Her comments were way too harsh. She probably have been scammed too many times, well, then that's not our fault. Reading all that has been going on, it was only this Liz person that made all the bickering and the pointing of fingers. I thought that she sounded so immature. She obviously cannot take the comments of other people, and the acknowledgment of some of the products that were talked about to be effective. She seem to cannot put it to rest. She just sounded so angry and vindictive. That's all. Your comments by the way about getting a group rate was not appreciated. Perhaps we should all put this to rest. And this is to Liz, give it a rest. I read bodybee's post. She has a point, she acknowledged that she wasn't supposed to post an ad but she also stated her reasons why. Frankly, she, the doctor Mark and the others have a point. Her products are quite popular and have heard good things about it. It was not fair to attack bodybee like that. It was just too unfair. Her treatment was so bad, and she cannot even defend herself. Doctor Mark was right on, he's the doctor that prescribes and recommends these products. They aren't scams. Although there are thousands out there that are. Liz's strong and harsh criticisms were too low and frankly no one seems to care for her on this board. And she's unapologetic. Enough said.

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